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About Asaru Alim El-Bey

Dr. Asaru Alim El-Bey has a DOCTORATE OF METAPHYSICS.He has lectured over the world, U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Italy, and England (U.K.) etc..Videos on a variety of subjects ranging from Current Events, Conspiracies, Ancient History, UFOs (IFOs, Merkabahs), Metaphysics, Occult Teachings, Esoteric Sciences, Meditations, Breathing Exercises, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Reiki (Usui, Tibetan, Kundalini, Angel), Pranic Healing & etc...

- True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awaking of consciousness which goes through successive stages. (Kemetic) Egyptian Proverb

This quote was one of the main reasons I started this media company.I wanted to do something about the misrepresentation of melanated people worldwide on the media and the constant lying to all of humanity about the health, spirituality, history, and many more things. I started teaching in the library of Fayetteville State University (1988) with a conscious group called U.F.P. (UNITY FOR PROSPERITY) and helped grow the lectures/discussions into a bookstore named "THE HALL OF KNOWLEDGE" (1990 - 1996 shout out to the God "Hakim Musa"). My wife and I reopened and renamed the location "CULTURAL FREEDOM BOOKS" (2001 - 2011) (we still keep both bookstores open online to this day and NOW we have a NEW location named "JUICE & MOOR" 2019 & BEYOND!!!). Thus, when social media came about it was a fantastic opportunity to spread vital information that was once reserved for "ONLY" the members of secret societies and the so-called gatekeepers.
My youtube channel, "MoorHeritage", is growing to be a "go to" channel for info you couldn't get anywhere else. Over the years, my videos on youtube have changed the perception of many lives. PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. This change in perception brings a change that makes one better overall. In this change that is going to come we expect to bring a consciousness that inspires business, responsibility, love, & divinity, and with every stride we would definitely appreciate your help. A lot of gatekeepers in corporate America knows this change of perception is not good for business, so recently the Wall Street journal and advertisers have pressured youtube to pull ads from videos claiming that their ads were on "extremist" and "terrorist" videos.

Many youtubers have expressed concerns that this is merely an attempt at censorship. People are running from mainstream media and running to independent outlets because everyone is tired of being lied to. Because of the pressure from corporations and mainstream media,Youtube have created new rules, banned certain words, banned certain topics, taken away revenue from content creators, taken down channels, and have generally left us in the dark as to what is the future of Youtube.

It is truly blissful to have access to all this information that our ancestors would have dreamt of having access to. My job is to make sure this is available and I am asking you to assist with the funding of "MoorHeritage" with a monthly pledge so that we can become more independent and tell OUR-STORY (revealing your and MY-STORY & HER-IT-AGE).

Thank you for Support!!! Dr. Alim El-Bey

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