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Ooh baby, thank you so much! *muah* Every penny counts!

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I'll record you a quick 30 second clip of a character of your choice thanking you with a sexy voice! (Single Character Only, one time only!) 

AND! Get 1 on 1 stream time with me while I edit any of your commissions to see how I do it!



About DSHooves

I love making content for fans. I have a very wide range of characters I can do, and have been doing this off and on for a little over 3 years now. For a small taste of what I can do, check out the intro video where I voice the Mane 6!

I don't just limit myself to MLP. If you have a character you like, chances are, I can voice them too!
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Want me to do this full time? If I hit this goal, I'll be fandom's full time adult voice actor! I will pick a script or series every month (from those who have pledged the amount needed to do the scripts) and bring it to life fully!
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