Down-Under Doomers

Down-Under Doomers

An Automatic Server Hosting Service for Zandronum

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 Becoming a Pateron will will give you these things:

- Assistance in setting up your own service with DUD

- A VIP/Donator Rank in our discord server

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More slots

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 More Server slots for DUD! Heres a rundown:

- +2 slots on top of the 5 slots given by default. Total of 7 slots for Zandronum Servers!

- Previous tier rewards

Even more slots

per month
 Incase 7 slots in total is not enough:

- Another +2 server slots for Zandronum servers. Total of 9

- Previous tiers rewards




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About Down-Under Doomers

Hello! My name is Joshua (or as some of you may know me as my gamer alias, DoomJoshuaBoy) and welcome to our Pateron Page.

I am the 1 of the 3 owners of Down-Under Doomers, Australian Doomers is an Automatic game server hosting service which is available to the public. It is available for the game Zandronum (You can find out about this at, It is a source port for Original Doom. Not the new Doom 2016)

This service is free to use for anyone but it does cost a fair bit to keep it up. So I figured maybe it will be a good time to unveil a few things. This being one of them.

One of the main goals for Down-Under Doomers is to have a automatic hosting service in key parts of the world. (A node in the NZ etc) in order to keep the game we love alot alive, that being Doom. We also intend on growing our community by venturing to other games. We already have a minecraft server. If you decide to become a pateron then we will give you some perks you can have. Check out the rewards list to find out what they are. The main thing you get however is some chats with me and the rest of the staff to gain a bit of an inside look of the bot and if you wanted to run your own, to help set it up for you.

Anyways thanks for reading and checking us out.  Feel Free to join our discord:

$2.43 of $136 per month
This covers [DUD] currently per month, it ain't that special but it helps to keep our service alive.
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