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It doesn't take much to support DV Radio and we know that our brothers & sisters, Caregivers and civilian supporters may not have an endless money pit. That's why, for just one dollar, you can support DV Radio as well as get the latest updates on upcoming merch, first notice of new upcoming shows, and maybe something we can't think of right now!

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**Get the "Patreon Only" pin when you become a DV Radio Patron today!!**

THANK YOU!! Pledging five dollars may not sound like it does anything but in fact, it adds up very quickly and you're helping DV Radio to purchase music license, keep the website going and much more! Now, you have access to Patreon-only updates!

(Your DV Radio Patreon pin will be mailed at the end of the first month you pledged.)

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Don't you love it when granny sends money for some pizza to her favorite grandchild? Well, why not support DV Radio with that extra ten spot? Not only do you get the prior tiers, but if you give at this tier -- you'll get a bonus episode [thirty minutes] of us being idiots. Unless something happens, you'll get to hear this half hour of extra content per month!

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About DV Radio, LLC

**If you are a new Patron for DV Radio, you will be charged upfront and then at the first of the month following if you continue to your Patronage. Thank you for your understanding and support!**

Welcome To DV Radio

DVRadio.net (DV Radio, LLC) is for our brothers & sisters. Made by Vets for Vets. We do not exclude any of the military community nor those that support the United States Armed Forces.

We bring you shows and music that you had in the barracks. Not only do we have shenanigans and joke around, but we also love to highlight and showcase Veteran Owned Businesses as well as the organizations that help the Veteran and Service Member community. Whether it's live or pre-recorded, we strive to give you the dark-military humor mixed in with a little bit of Soldier love.

Many ask how DV Radio continues to go on without sponsors which brings in revenue. Between the few donations from our hardcore listeners, our amazing and wonderful sponsor [NightCat Productions] and through your purchases of Battlegrounds coffee fromUbora Coffee we continue to go on. Some of the costs we [hosts] pay for out of our own pockets. With being a Patreon member, you'll be helping DV Radio grow with equipment, more shows, (possible) merchandise in the future, and a plethora of other various things that we know you'll love.

Even if you're on the lowest tier of Patreon it helps us the most. A simple share if you're unable to afford any amount is even better. We want to come together with our fellow brothers and sisters and make it a "One stop shop" for all things Veteran radio. From podcasts to randomness, we want to make it a community that is what you remember from your time served. If you're a civilian, you're not left out! That's the beauty of DV Radio, we love our civilian family just as much as our fellow brethren. We have shows in the works that will showcase Civilians that help non-profits, organizations, businesses, and even those that are Caregivers.

Once we have an undisclosed [ at the moment] amount of Patreons, we will set goals in order to release special rewards for those that are a part of that goal's success. We will make a Patreon public post in order to give everyone currently and thinking about becoming a Patreon the chance to be a part of each goal.

So what are you waiting for? You want a little more access and more awesome content from DV Radio? Become a Patreon now and grow DV Radio with us!!

*NOTE* Tier rewards and pricing may change at a moments notice at any time. If your payment has already been processed for that month for that tier then you will receive the tier rewards for that month unless otherwise noted in a post to the Patreon page. If at any time a live reward is unable to commence that month, you will be notified and the persons of that tier will be able to discuss/vote on how to redeem your reward then or at a later date. Things happen in people's lives and things may come up, please do not think we would ever intentionally keep a reward from you. Bo has a few medical problems [as many of you know] and this may hinder the time schedule at times.

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