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About Dad and Buried

Welcome to the Dad and Buried podcast!

Dad and Buried is the brainchild of Mike Julianelle, a forty-something father who is sick and tired of people pretending that parenting is the greatest thing on earth and has spent the better part of a decade hilariously taking the air out of parenting, parents, and kids. Mostly his own! After nearly a decade of writing the anti-parenting parenting blog and sharing his views on popular sites like Scary Mommy, The Dad, HuffPost Parents, and more, he's taking his talents to the airwaves! Because what the world needs now is more access to white men babbling about things they only barely understand!

He is joined by his longtime acquaintance and foil, Pete, and together they share the truth about modern fatherhood: namely, that it mostly sucks! Don't get them wrong, they love their kids - to different degrees, depending on the day, and on the kid! - but being a parent is tough, time-consuming, stressful work. They'd probably prefer to be fun uncles, or wealthy benefactors, or a couple of carefree 18-year-olds who don't know jack about diaper genies or carpool lanes or co-sleeping and spend most of their time thinking about Arianna Grande and Marvel movies and whatever the hell else 18-year-olds are into these days WTF do they know we're old dads!

And now they're depressed. Thanks a lot. But we promise we won't be depressing! Because whether you hate your kids like Mike or just hate Pete's kids (also like Mike), you'll enjoy listening to them mock children, bash parenting, and talk about the stuff that most parents don't usually talk about. At least not out loud. 
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