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Welcome to my labyrinth of literature, lies and lampoons. This is where I riff, rehearse and release cultural critiques, observations on art, cinema, media and the creative life (whilst vying for your feedback and patronage). Deep dive into an ever-growing library of hundreds of well-wrought pieces I call the Journo's Notebook and never be dull at cocktail parties (again).

This tier includes access to digital editions of my continuing series of neo noir paranormal novels, like Quantum Deadline and The Late Projectionist. Ditto the screenplays for Lumaville-themed films in development (the 5-in-1, Supertaster, J00D) and sneak peeks at my debut as a writer-director — the upcoming feature film Pill Head.

Sources Say — exclusive written guides (The Tea Cup Whale: How to Find Your Creative Niche, Screenplay Structure) and podcasts about the creative process and how to make a go of it as a professional. Includes brass tacks interviews with experts, artists and other creatives as well as elements of my own approach to making it creative work that works for me. 




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I'm building a paranormal noir storyworld in novels and films and podcasting and blogging about it along the way. It's ambitious, life's work kinda material, that I truly enjoy making it for you.

When you become a patron, you enable and participate in works like:
• Novels like The Late Projectionist and Quantum Deadline ("...a noirish, sci-fi-lite detective story with a heap of self-parody that's by turns poignant, witty and comic..." – North Bay Bohemian) , and their sequels.
• Feature films like Pill Head and other screenplays from the burgeoning Lumaverse.
• Deeply researched essays on film, art, media and more.
• Podcasts that search the soul of being a creator and hopefully help light a path.

I went pro just over 20 years ago when I filed my first story for the Petaluma Argus-Courier (though one can argue my career in letters began when I was a paperboy for the same publications when I was 11). In the intervening couple of decades, the writing game has changed significantly and I would like to think that I, as writer, have changed along with it.

To that end, writing think pieces about art and media, publishing indie paranormal noir novels and making artsploitation films for those with equally recherché tastes is an inherently boutique, personal enterprise. And as such, I value my work and believe that it has value to you. Patreon provides us an opportunity where I can produce the caliber and diversity of work that I do and share it directly with people like you, who enjoy an occasional stroll into the labyrinth.
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Thank YOU for empowering my work. Let me tell ya, the life ambitions of an indie author-auteur are inherently quixotic. Yet, there are believers like you who generously participate in the process and enable me to continue entertaining and edifying you as best I can.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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