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I would find it troubling to grant exclusive content to Patrons since I don't believe people should miss out because they can't afford to provide financial support for my work.

I will, however, happily give an official reprieve from any adblock related guilt you might feel, my immense gratitude, and of course a minor domain to rule over in the Patreon Pantheon.




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About Dael Kingsmill

Hello Humans.

My name is Dael Kingsmill, and for about three and a half years now I've been using YouTube to tell stories - ancient myths and legends, classic faerie tales, the occasional event from my own family history - while completing my university studies.

Now that I've officially finished and am on the cusp of graduating, I've realised that I want to do more and bigger and better. And that if I want to keep creating I'm going to need to make my earnings from YouTube more viable. So, after fretting about it on my own for several months, I finally womaned up and just asked my wonderful community of Humans for their thoughts and for their help.

Overwhelmingly the response told me to get Patreon already because these Humans are the coolest, most supportive people on the planet.

Keep in mind, if you do decide to support me, that the pledge is per video not per month. I tend to make videos most weeks, so set your amount lower accordingly and make sure to set a cap on the amount monthly so that I can't accidentally cause you to overspend by having an extra creative patch.

Instructions on how to do that can be found here: http://bit.ly/PtrnBudget

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