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Every dollar counts! Thank you so much. <3
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Thanks for the coffee! Now I can stay up a bit later for more art!
  • My undying love. 


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Oh boy, a meal! 




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About Daemon+

well shit might as well launch this now...

Who is Daemon?

He's a lewd dude with attitude. No, but seriously, he's an illustrator (animator sometimes), plus a programming Linux wiz kid. Who decided to try his hand at doing this "art career" thing. 

Why is Daemon on Patreon anyway?

Because food costs money. Also, it seemed like the most logical choice. I hate paywalls and ads with a burning passion. But I still would love to draw what I draw full time. Plus, it will give me more time to make wacky software for artists and whoever! 

What do I get out of this?

Since this right now is more designed as a tip jar, a million thanks from me!   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
$4.33 of $400 per month
I can now seriouly look into working a normal job only part time, which means more lewds for all! 
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