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About The Lady Daemons

Thank you! Just by visiting this page (even out of curiosity), you've indicated that you are intrigued by what we do! That by itself means a lot!

Did you know that the production of a Daemons Discuss! episode takes about 50 (+/-) hours per fortnight (FORTNIGHTLY! 😆) to plan/record/compile/edit/review/promote?

Oh, we know, you're thinking: "well, you are having a blast doing it! It's worth it!" We agree. But it's not about us, it's about YOU! Consider what we offer:
  1. Fortnightly podcast episodes covering the fictional works by Deborah Harkness including The All Souls Trilogy (+ future books in the universe), and news from A Discovery of Witches TV. Whether it's keeping you company on your commute, walk/run/workout, while doing housework, or providing the soothing white noise of cackling ladies as you lay your weary head down to sleep, the Daemons have you covered!
  2. Angela's bone-dry wit, presence as the judgey adult in the room, and firm finger on the pulse of the latest news when it comes to this universe!
  3. Jean's ditch-dirty filthy mind, sloppy daemon kisses, and vast historical knowledge.
  4. Valerie's incessant snorty laughter, endless supply of cliché sound-effects, and thoughtful character assessment.
  5. All of the above ... and more! Special guest appearances by Jerry👻, anyone?! We've got it! *NOTE! The 'boxes' the ladies are categorized in are NOT mutually exclusive 😀.
In all seriousness, we love producing Daemons Domain + Daemons Discuss!

We are blessed to be a leading independent source of All Souls information and entertainment. The concept of spending money to do what you love isn't lost on us, however we aren't completely delusional!

We live in the real world, and the things we do get a bit, well -- pricey. When it became apparent that this podcasting thing was more than just a little supplement to our website, and had evolved into being the headliner of our operations, we bought new microphones (an upgrade from our old starter mics), and with tax and accessories, that purchase served us a heaping plate of sticker shock! 😱 We realized from that point on, as we grew, so would our expenses. In the past, we'd split the cost out of pocket and move on; that was fine, until we found ourselves quasi-successful. Yay?! The more we worked on the quality of the show, the more our bills started to pile up: cloud file storage, media hosting, web hosting, domain renewals, software subscriptions, music/image licenses, giveaway items, postage, travel/transportation, lodging, oddball incidentals ... LIONS, AND TIGERS, AND BEARS! OH MY!

We promised ourselves from the onset that we would keep the podcast ad-free, as we have no desire to sell you other people's products. With your help, we hope to make the podcast a self-sustaining entity.

Sure, we can advertise underwear, mattresses, web services, do affiliate links, or sing the virtues of some weekly food/recipe delivery thingie, but ... no. We believe our content is the only product we can endorse/offer/promote wholeheartedly. We also don't want to be beholden to the whims of potential advertisers. We are used to being a completely independent operation, and keeping it that way is integral to our enthusiasm.

Please understand that we don't expect anything other than your enjoyment of our platforms/show.

But ... if you are in a position where you can join us in our journey by tossing in some of your hard-earned dollars, we think it'll be worth it (imagine stripper music here 💃)! With as little as $2 monthly* (way less than the latte that a certain daemon regularly enjoys!), you will gain exclusive access to extra content! This way you will have the Daemons weekly! ALL of our patrons will get the private feed URL to our patron-only Daemons Discuss! Aftershow podcast. Everyone will get their name in lights on our sponsorship page, and we've got some other things for those of you who are feeling extra ditchy! Compare the different tiers to determine what's right for your budget/membership. 🤩

We started this fandom adventure in 2012 for our own enjoyment.

We figured back then that if what we did happened to be informative and entertaining for others, then our mission has been accomplished! With your encouragement, we are going on 10 years into this zany experiment of ours, and we look forward to our future adventures with you in the years to come.

Join if you can, spread the word if you can't, either way your support means the world to us!

Thank you for keeping us strong and independent!
~The Daemons

 Angela, Jean & Valerie

* The video indicates that the bottom tier is $1 per month, however that changed when everyone that was on that tier upgraded to $2 and up. We decided to eliminate it, because no one wanted it!

FTC: Daemons Domain is a non-profit organization - IRC 501(c)(7) - all proceeds made via Patreon are used solely to fund our podcast and fanzine operations. As much as we'd love to buy yachts and live that champagne and caviar life-style -- alas -- we have to maintain our day jobs (you know, roofs over our heads, food, clothing etc.). But, thank you for helping us fund this adventure of ours. 😘
87% complete

Ok, we use Jean as an example here, but how could we not?
Think we're kidding? Exhibit A

With this goal, we are determined to make sure we have the tools we need so more of our time can be used producing our website/podcast/social media operations without worrying about hardware failure.

The nature of a decently produced podcast requires a lot of gear. We use our phones, computers, iPads, microphones, mixers, and lots of software! We have the basics, but help us up our game a little. Still not convinced? Again, we present Exhibit A

Can we convince Jean make the leap from the PC? Maybe. Even if she does stick to a PC, we're thinking she can do better than Exhibit A!

Of course, this really isn't so Jean can get a decent computer! This is mainly so we don't have to worry about a piece of equipment breaking, and us being unable to produce our podcast due to something being unavailable. There are three of us in 3 different states, so the points of potential failure are many! Landmines everywhere!

Once this goal is reached, we will cover our regular bills, all of our giveaways, some of our travel expenses (flying equipment isn't cheap! Baggages fees, ya'll. Baggage fees.), and it will allow us to repair/replace our tech equipment! Dream big!
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