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I'm a writer.  Part of that is the impure art of fiction.  Part is the still-impure science of software.  But it's all writing, in one form or another.

This campaign is meant to help me realize both of these aspects of my writing in a way that doesn't leave me feeling guilty for taking the time to do it.  By pledging your support for my various projects, you can help me reach the various progress checkpoints in each, by making my time worth money.

The nature of these projects makes it tricky to predict how often I'll reach each checkpoint. I'll be trying to break each project down into checkpoints that should take about a month to complete, but it may not always be exactly a month between them. In cases where I'll be wrapping up a checkpoint early, I'll probably just postpone marking it reached until the month is up. In cases where it'll be late, I'll post an update saying so, and explaining the delay. Either way, I'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop on my progress.

"Why not just set up your campaign to be per month, then?" Well, that's actually pretty easy to answer. If I don't do any work that month, why would you want to pay me for doing nothing? Making pledges charged per checkpoint instead puts more accountability on me to actually follow through and make progress.

So. What projects am I working on? Well, quite a few, actually. I'm going to summarize a few below, but check out the Goals section for more-up-to-date info, as well as more details.

  • Quatazor the Duck
    Is he a duck? Is he something more sinister? Even he doesn't actually know, but he's searching for the truth. And I'm going to try my hand at a web comic to tell his story.
  • Travel Tank
    There's a lot of information to be learned from pumping fuel.  How often do you do it?  Where do you typically go?  How much does it generally cost to fill your tank?  How far do you go between refuels?  Is one station's fuel better than another's?  What's your actual fuel efficiency right now?  How much further can you expect to go, or how long can you expect to wait, before you need another refuel?  And so on.  Travel Tank collects the basic data needed to determine answers to these questions - time and location of refuel, amount of fuel purchased and at what cost, and current odometer readings - and then does all the statistics magic behind the scenes to answer questions like these.  Data can be entered manually, or pulled in via GPS and camera.
  • Calends to Go
    This project is taking an existing one (in PHP) and rewriting it in a different programming language (also called "porting" it, to Go in this case).  Calends is a piece of code that supports handling dates in multiple calendar systems at once, and with a single, consistent interface.  This is surprisingly missing in a lot of places that could really use it - from genealogy to astronomy to simple dates on websites.  So I want to fix that, and do it better than my first attempt, so it can be used in more places.
  • Crystalline Skies
    A series about a boy who gets involved in far more than anyone ever bargained for, as his world enters a new era, and he enters adult life.  The Goal for this one will list the current story's plot seed, and will be updated as each story in the series is completed.
  • Story Lines
    This project takes Calends and uses it to link various story elements (people, places, groups, events, items) to points in time, across as many calendar systems as the author likes.  This lets the author focus less on who is where at what times, and more on writing things out, because they'll have a reference for their chronology.  Of course, this functionality would also be useful for tracking other things, even things so ambitious as world history.
  • Deploy!
    Here's one for the Internet software developers and system administrators out there.  Similar to Pagodabox, Heroku, and a handful of others, Deploy! will be a push-to-deploy hosting system.  This one, though, will run on Proxmox (KVM and LXC), and be fully open source.  That means anyone can use it, anywhere, for any reason.  Some really advanced stuff will be available for purchase, at some point, but only stuff that enterprise-level sysadmins would need and not want to build themselves.  Bonus - Deploy! will support more servers and more interpreters than existing platforms, and even entirely custom code that handles everything itself.
  • Removing the Bit
    Set in a world I created for roleplaying in, this story follows the events surrounding Brash the Unbridled's rise to power as the Pirate King of Denaria.  A novel, first in a series about notable figures in Denaria.
  • Metachat (name subject to change)
    I detail this one rather extensively on my blog, but it basically brings together several different chat protocols on a single server, so users can chat using their favorite client(s) without having to sacrifice functionality or the ability to talk to others in the same community.  Not much else to say, here, than I really want to make this one happen.

You can check out my Patreon Projects board on Trello for more info about specific checkpoints in each project.
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The NonAdventures of Quatazor the Duck!

Quatazor is a duck. Maybe. The few folks who know for sure aren't saying, and everyone else isn't entirely certain either way. But he wants answers, and I want to tell his story.

This is me trying my hand at a web comic. I'm not a good artist, but I won't become one without practice, and I'm finally at a point where I think I can just draw, and let myself do it poorly and gradually improve. Putting it out on the web will hopefully help with motivation to keep at it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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