Dan Sacharow is creating Comics and Videos


$1 /mo
You’ve made Molly smile, which is no mean feat. Thank you for supporting an independent creator and our blue haired engineer! I’ll send you one of these round stickers for your laptop or whatever!

Associate Engineer

$2 /mo
You’ve made Molly smile, and you get a round sticker and this 'require('./mollybeans');' transfer sticker.

Junior Engineer

$3 /mo

You’ve made Molly smile, you get the two stickers from above plus this 'sudo chop!' transfer sticker.

Senior Engineer

$10 /mo
You’ve made Molly smile, you get the stickers, Molly will shout out to you as a sponsor in each video’s outro, and you get an LED toy built by Molly, from junk! This toy will be 100% hand made and ...

Lead Engineer

$20 /mo
Everything from above, plus you’ll have a guest appearance in an episode of the comic (limit 1 appearance), and an original pencil sketch that was used to produce an Episode of Molly Beans, signed ...

Systems Architect

$30 /mo
Everything from above, and a hand made Slayer Exciter circuit (mini tesla coil)! Amaze your friends with wireless power! (Not the one shown, that one is mine.)