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I value the small things. Do you?

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I publish less than 10% of all the creative work I am doing. Get access to the whole rest of it!

Things I would NEVER spread into the internet otherwise:
Photographs that didn´ t made it into  the final selection, raw un-photoshopped versions, personal work, timidly sprouting ideas in their development, pieces of my writing, maybe even dancing,  and quite a many more unfinished, naive, and potentially embarassing things. 

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I´ d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who have been with me on that journey so far - You have no idea how much it means to me, to see that you care for what I am doing. 

I am shouting out into the universe - YOU HEAR ME! 


This page here offers a simple way of connecting with me and my work directly. 
Just as you might want to help people like me being a bit more resistant against excruciating economical pressure, it is important for me to directly speak to the people that care for my art, hoping to create some exchange of thought.

I publish here new work and exclusive behind-the-scenes material for my supporters. 
Support me with an amount you like each month, and we´ll stay connected; I even might have some nice rewards for you.  
You´ ll find more details on how it works BELOW 

..... but first I´ d like to give you an idea of what is expecting you:

So, in all the other platforms I am putting out just the finished product - here I take you with me on the journey that leads there.
Apart from publishing new work, I use Patreon as a sort of artistic diary to document the process of creation. Not only do you get here pictures of work in progress, but also the story behind, which is the most delicious part:
I write you personal insights; eloquence & charms included. I will share with you the development of what has led to another, my inspiration & motivation, reasons for artistic decisions, the functional framework,
in which a piece is created, all that is neccessary for such a thing to happen.
And of course all that "by-catch": pictures, that did not make it in the final selection, raw pics before going through photoshop, make-up tests, experiments with material, sketches and anything else that makes a good story.

The Art
If  you found your way here, most likely you know what I am doing. 
For those not, let me summarize my work in a few keywords (you can just as well check out my website and social media channels): 

- COSTUMES, the unconventional, artistic kind: as an art form itself
--- with that: head-to-toe outfits, masks & headpieces, accessory, clothes
--- specialized in working with wire and unusal material generally, experimental approach uniting different sorts of craft (including excellent "classical" tailoring)

--- working with countless breathtakingly talented people: photographers, models, performing artists, fellow designers
---- doing own pictures in self-portaits and analouge black & white photography

- CONCEPTUAL work / art direction
---- Putting things into a context that makes it a greater whole. Best example is my great project "Notre-Dame de Paris". But also: concepts for stage pieces or photoseries or video. Fashion shows, dance performance, whatever. 


--- I read and I write. With working practically on the body, I also shape what is "within". Intellectually dealing with the relationship body / soul,  identity, codex of visual communication, alter egos, relationship fiction / reality, layers of personality, self-perception

- my work is greatly crossing over with all kinds of PERFORMANCE.
I become myself a costumed creature with thousand faces in video, photo, stage and the Berlin nightlife ;) and I´m also an amateur pole dancer and do also fencing, ballet, juggling, reciting poems. I work a lot with other performing artists; musicians, dancers, acrobats, models.  

- and last but not least: I am ECCENTRIC beyond imagination, and will surprise you in unforeseeable ways. 

Making a living, based on this, is, as you can imagine, anything but a piece of cake.
Even though most people are touched and fascinated by my work, finding a way to convert that into money is DIFFICULT  -  the sparkling eyes and nicest words filling the air are nothing I can pay my bills with.

Your contribution will give me the freedom of doing my work with all the devotion, artistic finesse and high perfectionist demand it needs to be done - You know that for bringing something new and good into this world, a certain amount of freedom is requiered.

How your support on patreon works

When you become a patron, you choose with how much you´d like to support me: pick a tier from the column right (>>>). This amount is charged regularily on the beginning of each month via this page. You´ll get from me updates into your email inbox and in some cases rewards.
You can choose quitting ANYTIME.
Since this is a voluntary thing based on trust, you are not bound by any form of contract.
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Having that many people believing in me and my work, I will make a THANK YOU-video especially for all my patrons. I will show you around in my studio and behind the scenes, answer your questions and slip into costumes and whatever else comes to my mind or to YOURS >>> Make suggestions for a funny little get-together!  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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