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About Dance Naked Productions

Imagine a world where sexual expression is celebrated💥

There's no such thing as TMI (only "tell me more!") 😍

Empathy is an aphrodisiac. 

I'm Eleanor O'Brien, the artistic Director of Dance Naked Productions. Welcome to our Patreon. 

Dance Naked Productions is a sex-positive theater company committed to illuminating sexual expression. Our mission is to create stories and experiences that expand minds and deepen understanding of human sexuality.  I believe that healthy, open sexuality is a vital part of the solution for healing trauma, both personal and cultural. I believe living in our fullest expression of self (which includes our sexual self) is the reason we are put on this earth. 

And, there's nothing i love more than talking about sex.   Sexual expression breaks down barriers to intimacy and creates community based on a shared appreciation for vulnerability. Talking about sex (just like having it!) brings people together. It helps us see our shared humanity. It's a shortcut to vulnerability (remember those late night talks in the kitchen with your roommate back in college?  When you first admitted you'd never had an orgasm? Or you liked kissing girls? That shared intimacy?) That's what I want to re-create in the theater.  That sense of intimacy.  That excitement of speaking the unspoken.  Dismantling shame.  Admitting to lust, to curiosity, to not knowing what the hell you're doing. 

A willingness to be vulnerable. I called the company Dance Naked Productions because to me that was an expression of joyful vulnerability, and what I most wanted to see onstage.  A willingness to show up raw and real, not necessarily "sexy", but authentic.  Reinventing sexy, revealing actual truths, asking the awkward questions. 

So, we talk about sex, and then.... we turn it into art.

Our shows are high energy community events, igniting conversation and connection. They are designed to  open your heart, tickle your funny boner, and expand your sense of possibility ("Hey hon- guess what? Pegging is a thing!").  We are blessed with a beautiful bunch of regulars, a phalanx of fans (a puddling of pleasure seekers?)  

People don't ride home from a Dance Naked show in silence.  There is always plenty to discuss.  (I know, I get the emails!) The overwhelming response is 'Thank you for saying that out loud!" and "I felt so much less alone." (And occasionally someone gets triggered - because even talking about sex is traumatic for some people.  While we strive to create safer space, we can't- and won't- guarantee safety.  Theater is inherently risky).

I have been producing these shows and events in Portland, OR for over a decade.  Together with hundreds of collaborators throughout the years, we have built a community of sex-positive fans that love what we do. Every year we create new shows from scratch (see our history here).  We produce the biennial Come Inside, an entire festival of sex-positive shows from around the world, we host Stand Up Smut, a monthly erotic open-mic.  Through our workshops and retreats, we help people develop their connection to their sexual creative selves and make their own art.  

Now, it's time to go global.

I want to bring sex-positive theater to a wider audience. As much as I LOVE the live experience (and trust me - everything is better live) I want to film our productions.  I want people in far off places to have access to what we are creating here.  To inspire their erotic imaginations, light creative fires, create connection all around the world. 

And, I want to have time to create!  I am a performer first and foremost, and what Patreon means for me is having the support to make new art. To take time away from producing to develop my own material and write new stories. 

Best of all, Patreon is made up of people who ACTIVELY support the work we are doing. A community that wants to hear about what we are making, and I don't have to fear oversharing or offending anyone with a nipple slip. 

I can't WAIT to share the nipple slips!

Because I am behind some kind of "adult content" firewall, you can't search for Eleanor O'Brien or Dance Naked Productions on Patreon and that is a draaaag (although- you're here now! YAY! You found me!).  BUT, unlike say, facebook (like me!), I don't have to sensor myself on this medium.  I can post naked pictures.  I can tell you about the g-spot workshop I attended (RESEARCH!), I can make ridiculously vulnerable videos in which I admit all the fears that keep me up at night (my inner labia are like bat wings!), I can share the real shit that goes into making original theater. 

Such a relief!

I'm super fucking stoked to have found this medium, and I'm deeply grateful that you are here. 

I have spent years flirting with rich older men with money to fund this theater company and it's not good for my soul or my sense of integrity. My vision is to fund this work with contributions from hundreds of true believers. Everyone at their own capacity. Someone who gives $1 to support this work is enormously meaningful for me. Higher levels of financial contribution are hugely appreciated, as I am able to take larger risks.  I can plan in advance. 

I am asking for your support in making sex-positive art and taking it out to the world. 

Thank you for contributing at whatever level feels doable for you.  I'm honored and so freakin' grateful. 

I am eager to show you what I've got planned....

Tits up, heart open



Eleanor O'Brien, Dance Naked Productions artistic director
97% complete
I will hire an editor to put together all the various footage of my first solo show GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, and finally make it available for download.  
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