is creating amazing advanced science websites RE bitcoin,earthquakes,weather

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Super secret beta features you'll see before others!  links to things like a special earthquake page that might alert you to unusual activity.  Links to a special version of my bitcoin page that does some unique comparisons among coins and events. Whatever new stuff I am working on for my pages.




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    Life is great and stuff is cool.

    I make stuff about science that tries to show it like websites about earthquakes, global weather and the sun,  bitcoin and cryptocurrency and other topics and have been for more than ten years …. All at my own expense.

    My websites presented advanced information to the public way back in 2005 long before other websites from universities and other research organizations presented such information. I still present info that is absolutely unique on the web. discovered the connection between the sun and earth’s earthquakes over 10 years ago!  It provides live earthquake feeds and related info many others charge monthly fees for. I invented a new earthquake graph which more intuitively shows activity over time and geography on one image. I am currently graphing earthquake ratios to magnitudes in a live format which no one else is doing (will be available exclusively to patrons in Beta!) I'd like to spend some more time on it if I can get some funding. presented the satellite evidence of hotter oceans producing the strongest hurricanes visually to the public one month before Katrina hit! Today it provides live weather images such as radar, high and low temperatures and rain expectation for the whole usa in one simple glance that you can see in one page without clicking on page after page to trigger their ads. It's free.  It also includes hurricane images etc if they are occurring. Honestly if you just want to see what weather you will be facing today its the fastest and simplest way to get that info in the USA with one click. discovered the connection between search interest measured by google and rising prices and presented the Elvis connection as a search index that was a concrete measurement of an important interest level.

    (I have let the videos below go because no one was supporting me and frankly no one seemed to care or subscribe. If someone wanted them I could reauthorize the uploads with google and restart them. I really thought at least that having a very short video that told everyone the  weather without having to wade through ads and things for the tv stations would really be appealing but apparently not. If someone is interested let me know and I will restart them. I created a pretty great automatic video creation and upload system fro those live weather updates years ago.)

    Recently I added hourly and daily video reports on earthquakes and global weather which have much more advanced information presented succinctly than you can find anywhere else. I know because much of it I create uniquely.  (currently offline because server prices changed and youtube redirects changed so I need to up it again.- please send a little patreon money so i can afford the time to get these back online quickly. thanks!)

    Servers costs aren't what they used to be.

    Anything would help.

    Enough to cover servers and url annual registrations and other miscellany would be great. Https is also much more expensive so I haven't done that and that makes my google rankings suffer even though no one transmits unusual or financial info to or from my site so its pretty pointless.

    If I got more I could spend more time developing more improvements which is what I would really like to do.

    I am my own programmer so can really make some amazing things happen!

    I have amazing things in the works such as regional earthquake alerting systems that no one else is doing. More cryptocurrency novel analysis methods so regular people can improve themselves compared to the big firms.

    Please help and thanks to those who already do!
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    $100 dollars a month pays for servers annual url registrations and costs and really lets me focus more on faster new ways to analyse and present the information on earthquakes, weather and bitcoin and other projects.

    as early patrons you will have first looks through the beta page links!
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