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Thanks for the support. This gives you access to Seth and Stef and Tucker plus random short stories and the occasional longer piece. It will include an Era Two story at some point. 
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Stef and Tucker are on tour. Expect loads of crazy sex and supporting characters Jordan and the Road Demon. Novelette to novella length. I've already written a few of these. When I start self-publishing these, you will get a very special edition copy. 
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A lot goes into Seth. An awful lot. The first section is free on my website. They are a very slow write. Contains extreme pornography and graphic violence. I'm reluctant to use the Queen of Filth logo as Seth goes back to my university days but I've never had any great ideas in terms of artwork for Seth.  



About Dani Brown

Suitably labelled “The Queen of Filth”, extremist author Dani Brown’s style of dark and twisted writing and deeply disturbing stories has amassed a worrying sized cult following featuring horrifying tales such as “56 Seconds”, “Night of the Penguins” and the hugely popular “Ketamine Addicted Pandas”. Merging eroticism with horror, torture and other areas that most authors wouldn’t dare, each of Dani’s titles will crawl under your skin, burrow inside you, and make you question why you are coming back for more.
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About once per month, I'll upload either Stef and Tucker, part of the Seth draft, or a new story of some variety. 
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