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I'm Daniel Gil - composer, musician, and ethnomusicologist. This page is about my music in general, but primarily focuses on my current exploration of the Kiselgof archive. To the best of my knowledge, outside of the The Vernadsky Library in Kiev, I am the only person in the world who has access to the Kiselgof archive. In 1909 Susman Kiselgof led the first ethnographic expedition into Jewish Eastern Europe. The project was funded and led by The St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music. During the expedition the ethnographers used Edison wax cylinders to record a diverse variety of music from Jews living in the Pale of Settlement and beyond. On return to St. Petersburg the members of the society transcribed the music from over 1000 wax cylinders. I have the entirety of the Kiselgof archive (over 1,600 pages) in digital pictures. I am actively researching the Kiselgof archive, and will be sharing it with my Patrons here, and eventually with the whole world.
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