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         Come right in, sit right down, strap on your creative seatbelt.         
                                            It may be a bumpy ride!                                               

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I figured it might be best to start with what I don't do:
  • I don't make good pastry.
  • I don't fold my socks.
  • I don't tell people I'm an archaeologist.
  • I'm not a news reporter.
  • I stink at weeding the yard.
  • And I'm not fond of cleaning up my studio.

D  A  N  I  E  L    K  A  T  H  A  L  Y  N  A  S     A  R  T    F  I  L  M    M  U  S  I  C
Now that that's out of the way, I would like to introduce myself (if you don't know me already).
I am Daniel Kathalynas, an award-winning international artist, filmmaker, musician and teacher. I've been fortunate to exhibit my art in many great places throughout the world and meet interesting people on my journeys. I created an on-going film series called 
"The Roaming Artist" on YouTube that follows me on a breathtaking travel experience as I paint my way across America and the world. I'm also making wildly creative hand-painted animations and absurd films like "Covid-19 Fight Force". 

There is a treasure trove of Artist Perks that are available to you when supporting me. I know the value of a monetary contribution and I am prepared to give you my best and, in truth, a more-than equivalent share of creative goodies. I'm all about giving back. It's part of my duty as artist and promoter of love in this strange world.
Being a full-time artist is rough and sometimes I feel others may call themselves artists but barely create. I'm not from that camp and always have a ton of ideas and exciting projects to sink my teeth into. The inspiration is never-ending because it is an inside job. The more I know about "self" the more I tap in to a river that flows.

Please join me in being a part of this artistic adventure as I continue to grow. With your help the scope of my art projects can begin to broaden, more art shows involving underdog artists will be created, a film production crew and space will edge forward, and my dream of incorporating my skills to real ART animations will become a reality. Those type of animations are REALLY time consuming but well worth it!

Everyone has a beginning. So be part of something you believe in. Support living artists!
Thank you for taking the time to check me out. It's people like you that make this dream worth living!

Here is a note about my creative process:
I create art much in the way that a spider does her business. I do not mess with the small stuff. Conditions like which way the wind blows or the sun and the rain do not sway me. When there is a fly, I take action.

The Fly = First Higher Thought.

I work with the method of First Thought Creation. Practicing and teaching meditation for over 20 years has helped me differentiate between loose mundane thoughts and thoughts that derive from a higher consciousness. When that first higher thought arrives, I jump on that sucker and act. This allows me to speak to you, soul to soul rather than in heady intellect. I create with one higher thought at a time in a moving meditation until the painting, film, or sculpture is complete.

Employing a symbolic use of materials comes naturally. I use acrylic, oil, glass, sand, twine, bark, film or any material that feels consistent with my highest response. The outcome of my art is not premeditated.
The artwork means nothing, what it evokes means everything.


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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