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Wow you're bravely peering into the library of things that I love but didn't quite make the cut.  Every month I'll share something neat that I had to leave on the cutting room floor. 

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About Daniel Potter

Who am I?

I am Dr. Daniel R. Potter, but you can call me Dan or Daniel. I am the author the Skies and Scales series and the Freelance Familiar series, as well as the owner of a brain that is bursting with more stories I want to tell you.  While juggling a day job researching treatments to help those who suffer epic levels of blood loss and traumatic brain injuries, I write stories about changing and adapting to difficult times. My protagonists, whether they're a mountain lion PI or the heir to a pirate queen, struggle first to survive and then make their worlds brighter places for all who live within them.

My stories are crafted with hope and humor to balance out the darkness that grips both their worlds and ours. 

Why Patreon?  

Because there is nothing more motivating to me than knowing people are out there enjoying the characters I've crafted out of my brain.  In addition, Patreon provides a mechanism through which I can deliver the things I write to you without getting Amazon or any other vendor involved. Just me and you. 

The first thing I want to build with this Patreon is a way to interact with you, dear reader.  So first of all I'm going to be posting a chapter of my latest novel, Rise of the Horned Serpent: Dragon's Price, absolutely free once per week.  Maybe two. All I ask is you give me your thoughts on it.    
If you honor me and become my patron, for just a two dollars a month I'll send you every ebook I publish two weeks before it goes live.  This will be a bit of feast or famine but I'm hoping to release at least four books a year moving forward.  

For a bit more, you can join me for a monthly dive into the archives.  As a pantser I toss out huge chunks of my manuscripts while I'm editing and rewriting. Often these are bits I am truly proud of, so every month I will share a new one. 

Those who are truly brave can see into the chaos that are my Works in Progress.  Although I warn you, they are not for those of you who cannot stomach err... raw grammar.  

Thank you for being here and supporting my work.  

Daniel Potter
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Monthly story extra.  At this level I'll write an all new scene or story using characters from either Freelance Familiars or Scales and Skies universes.  There will be a new patreon tier unlocked that will allow voting on what I write about.  
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