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Hi, I’m Danielle, but if you’re here you probably already know that. On the off chance that you don’t though, let me introduce myself.

I’m an author. Well… sort of. My debut novel PULSE has yet to hit shelves, but my unofficial job title didn't stop my first draft from hitting over a million views on Wattpad since uploading it in 2012.

I’ve had a long, crazy ride from there, both involving my writing life, and involving my personal life, but I don’t regret a moment of it because it’s all brought me here! 

Where’s here? Well, here is finally getting to live my dream of sharing the stories and characters in my head with the world (so I can seem just a little less crazy when I talk about them constantly). Here is on the path to my goal, to my career, to the plan I’ve had brewing in my head since I first decided I wanted to write for a living, way back in junior high after reading a book that changed my view of the world of fiction entirely.

There’s just one drawback to being here, though. Even when I pride myself in being a pretty productive person as my Writer’s Anxiety(TM) allows it, (I mean, not everyone has completed NaNoWriMo multiple times or finishing a whole novel in less than a year, good job me) it still always seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. I do what I can to try and make the most of my time, but it always seem to slip away, my fingers unable to write fast enough for how quickly life passes by.

I have a part-time which I enjoy very much and allows me to hoard some of my precious life hours over making more money because time has always seemed to be of more value and tends to be easier wasted than a wad of cash. I make just enough to pay my bills and that works for me pretty nicely, most of the time at least (we’ve all got that itch for spending money sometimes).

Even with my halved “day job” hours and meticulous budgeting of my “free” time, I can’t make plans for things like exhaustion, unexpected expenses, or even the forever looming Seasonal Depression (by seasonal I, of course, mean whatever season the depression decides to arrive in) and because of all this, juggling both a current job and a budding career is a balancing act that often leaves me pinching pennies.

Of course, my ultimate goal would be to learn how to sleep and eat at the same time (could you imagine the time that would be saved!) But until then, I find myself often forced to cut into my designated writing time simply because I don’t have the energy or motivation to make the most of the few hour I’ve allotted myself.

The solution? Well obviously becoming an International Best Selling Author is the simplest way of going about it. But it turns out that’s not quite as easy as most people would like to believe (I know - I know. It can’t be that hard right? I mean, 50 Shades sold pretty good!). Unfortunately I’m a four leaf clover and lucky rabbit's foot away from the kind of good fortune it takes to become a best seller. It’s not impossible, in fact I believe with dedication and passion, anything is possible, but a lot of authors never reach such high regard, and that’s OK too.

What I don’t have in fame and fortune, I do have in friends. And family. And fans. Amazing, beautiful people who have been along with me for this ride all the way from 2012 and earlier. People who were there at my lowest and watched me develop over the years. People who got to experience the excitement of my climb to a career in fiction. People who really truly just appreciate me and my work, and maybe have a buck or two to show that appreciation.

So that’s what this patreon is for. It’s a way for you out there, the person that wants to give me a little hand towards my goals, to reach out and boost me up. To maybe even help me make my dream career a reality. A full-time reality.

I don't need money. In fact, I’ve been quite blessed in my life that I've never had to experience what it truly feels like to not have any money. Just like a lot of people, there have been tight times and close calls, diets that weren't imposed with the intention of losing weight, and lots and lots of waiting for the next paycheck, but I've always had a roof over my head and people to support me. I’m in a good place now, even if I hadn’t always been, and I will continue pursuing my writing career whether or not my patreon is successful. Actually, I'll continuing writing whether or not my career is even successful.

What I do need is freedom. Freedom to do more of what I love. Freedom to live off of my passion and creativity. Freedom to create and share more of my craft with the people who appreciate it. If it was up to me, writing would already be my full-time job. And who knows, perhaps with help, it could be. I’m not looking for charity, so if you pledge, I’ll know that it’s because you truly support my work and want to see me succeed, and unconditional appreciation like that is the best kind of encouragement.

Of course, I'd want to give back for your support. So part of starting this patreon is committing to being more active in my little community. I want to share more with the people that want to have more. I want to show everyone how much I appreciate them being there through it all.

Patreons of $1 or more can look forward to early access to chapters of current WIPs that will later be uploaded to wattpad, along with exclusive access to "extra", such as flash fiction, side-stories, and in some cases even requested pieces and small excerpts from PULSE and WHAT THE FLOWER SAYS OF DEATH.

In the future, higher pledgers can expect early cover reveals, merchandise and ebooks giveaways, signed and personalized copies of my novels upon release, shipped from me too you (Maybe I'll even include some lovely swedish goodies for these special someones)

Reaching my goals will also open new opportunities for all patrons!

Most of all though, becoming my patron allows me to interact with you more, which is one of my favorite parts of writing. Even if you can only pledge $1, I get to have a place where I can share my passion with those who truly appreciate it and are just as passionate about it as I am, and that's a beautiful thing. 

If you think so too, please consider pledging!
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The "Holy Crap You Guys Are Crazy" Goal. I'll start doing a short story/drabble (around 5-6k words) exclusive for patrons every month (starting the month after). We can do a vote for topics at the beginning of every month and patrons will receive the piece at the end of the month (or whenever it's completed). Since we'll do it via popular vote, this could lead to NSFW and Fanfiction*. Isn't that fun ^^

(Some stipulations apply but I'll try to honor my promise and write what is most wanted)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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