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About Dani

Who are you?

I'm known as Dani.  I am a 20-something year old paper-pusher, gymrat in training, mineral hoarder, and soon to be part time student.  As a serious hobby, and emotional escape, I like to draw... a lot.  Every chance I get!

What do you make?

Due to time constraints, my main focus is currently my webcomic 'The Guide to a Healthy Relationship', a 17+ dark drama tackling sensitive themes such as abuse, trauma, queerphobia, and mental health.  Other than that I occasionally create concepts and sketches for future comic projects that I've had on the back burner for a while.  I hope to get back into illustrations, life drawing, and dabble in painting.


$1+ - Is a tip jar. You will be showered with appreciation, as well as polished scans of the sketch and ink process for my comic and illustrations.

$5+ - You will get the $1+ tier's rewards, early access to pages, and exclusive looks at concept art for future projects. Along with a semi-annual PDF of my sketches for that period. (This requires you to be a patreon for at least half a year.)

What am I funding?

You will be funding me being able to continue creating.  As a traditional artist my resources are very limited, and sometimes expensive.  While I've built up an alright stockpile of materials, that stock won't last forever.  To be honest, I work super parttime, pulling in only 17 hours a month.  Due to this my finances are rather... bleak, if you know what I mean.  By becoming a patreon you'll be helping me continue to work on TGtaHR, as well as create other artworks for you to see.  Possibly even livestreams, tutorial videos, and the creation of art books if all goes well.

Thank you all for checking out my page, I hope to see you again!
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For my $5+ patrons I'll create exclusive desktop wallpaper featuring a theme of their choice. 
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