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  • 2 group calls per month
  • 24/7 access to all videos as they are recorded
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  • Monthly marketing materials to use
  • A FREE membership at BrokerageNation

FYI: BrokerageNation.com has a training program showing agents how to get more buyer & seller leads using marketing & technology. You'll get immediate access to the videos!

FYI: Patreon.com a community tool for content creators and because it's a US company they charge in USD.
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Group Coaching for $20 a month??

I'm inviting a core group of agents to my ongoing group coaching. It’s month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime (view the rewards section on what you get).

Together we’ll hold 2 sessions per month (between 30-45 min per session). I’ll personally coach one of the members and everyone can watch and ask questions along the way. One week it could be on seller leads. Another could be on building and cleaning a database for referrals. My focus is the marketing and technology side of the business but we'll also dive into traditional topics such as scripts, prospecting, referrals, etc.

I’ll not only hold live coaching sessions… but also product demonstrations, exclusive webinars, top agent interviews, group mastermind sessions and more! As a private member you’ll get a voice on the topics we touch on… plus the sessions will be recorded for 24/7 access.

During the sessions we can chat live in real time and the cool thing is… if you miss the live call and watch the recordings, you can still ask questions! We’ll be sure to reply and support you long after the live sessions.

Some agents will want to silently watch (be a fly on the wall) and others will want to be engaged asking questions. So no matter how you participate, we won’t leave you behind :-)

The days and times will change based on the agent I'm coaching that particular week. This is a flexible way for us to learn together.

Each week we'll be picking the topics of interest:
  • Marketing exclusive listings.
  • Lead follow up.
  • Referral business.
  • Seller leads.
  • Buyer leads.
  • Landing pages and websites.
  • Team building & coaching.
  • Scripts.
  • Door knocking.
  • Social media and advanced targeting.
  • Video creation & marketing.
  • Tech reviews and gear.
  • Mobile apps.
  • & more…

Membership bonus:

I’m also going to include a design service!

Every month I’ll release marketing materials you can download and use in your own marketing. Such as social media ads, email marketing, your websites, blog, etc. They will be saved in different sizes and formats for cross media uses including high quality printing!

On top of that you'll get a FREE account to BrokerageNation. Thousands of agents have paid access and you'll get it included as a reward! It's a great place to learn about generating leads and leveraging your business with technology. It's real estate specific access to step-by-step tutorial videos.


Go to the "rewards" section before you go... because we'll email you a starter kit right away + you can join in on the next call. Don't miss out.

Questions? Text me direct at 905-903-5442
I'm a real person and I'm here to help.

Thank you,

PS: Check the rewards section to get started now.

$2,128 of $6,500 per month
Wow we reached 90 members in the 1st month! My new goal is to get a total of 365 people in the program. Thats just one a day over the next year. Totally possible :-)

Join our private group of real estate agents in on a bi-weekly coaching call program. Together we'll hold webinars, mastermind sessions, product demos, group coaching, live Q&As and more!

To help with building a community I've partnered Patreon.com a community tool for content creators like myself. With it we'll have a place to share lots of exclusive coaching, content and goodies of our members. Because it's a US company they charge in USD.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 90 exclusive posts
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