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Creating Daoist Healthcare: Learning and Sharing

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See my latest videos before anyone else!
  • Early access to weekly uploaded videos, often 20 minutes or longer with special topics!
  • Membership on whatsap group and participation in discussion
  • you help me dedicate time to exclusive frequent essential translations of Confucian and Daoist texts
  • you help me sponsor students or clients running out of money due to life circumstances but have a serious want to participate in one or more of these programs!
  • you can donate more than the tier requires. You are most welcome. 
  • free access to class: GMT+1 friday 20.30-21.30 Open Wudang practice mixed learning class

Open facebook class's Wudang Healthcare

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You support the following: 
The general healthcre classes offer free benefits for those without income, and you support their benefits and you can make them your own too! On top of that you also receive weekly videos on interesting topics, some are previews for general release, some are part of the Bachelor program and so on.  
The videos are taking outdoor classes as their foundation, and teir content is neither hard not soft but directed towards buildup of hand eye coordination, physical prowess and stamina, weather restistance and immunity, clear mind and stategic development of planning. 
Classes will start weekly
GMT+1 wednsday 10.00-10.45 Mixed class for Wudang Taiji gongfu online at Facebook
GMT-1 friday 20.15-21.00 mixed class as above with basic sanda too, onsite and outdoor exept when with rain, then online. 

these durtion times are avarages, depending on questions or the nature of the practice going on. 

Zhong Wuji Qigong studies

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This tier is meant for Daolanders wishing to root in
  • serious reconditioning of their mind and body in a two year cycle of monthly two hour exercise classes. 
  • The study is included in the Bachelor program too and obligatory to have concluded to receive certification

Your specialized practice is Monthly:
GMT+1 3rd Friday 19.00-21.00 Zhong Wujigong level 3 practice
currently we work on basics of neidan Jingqi alchemy, ling body practice, yuanqi practice, development of jing, jingqi, breath, balance, emotional harmony and mental clarity in a genuine Wudang Longmen Daoist tradition.

For bachelor students this practice is required study material to be able to graduate because it explains basic concepts about jing qi shen, channels, blood, human interaction, human and nature, and so on. It is an essential and secret wudang daoist dictionary connecting te dots. Don't worry, if you are signed up for that tier, all other programs are included!

The zwjg practice has 2 parts: shenjing conditioning and shenqi conditioning. shenjing conditioning is managing the wholeness of your body, while shenqi conditioning enhances your interaction with the world. The method is offered in a systematic way, but you can enter any time you feel comfortable and pick up, also with the help of registered videos of the classes. 
As a bonus you have access to
  • Receive updates of new exclusive posts
  • Review of pre-production materials in Whatsapp
  • You can offer suggestions to the topic's angle of explanation
  • Free access to the Witness Programm, meaning you can watch recordings of several online weekly classes. I frequently update these video's with new unedited materials to share with you the benefits of taijiquan, qigong and yoga secrets
  • every month there is going to be a live zhong wujigong online workshop of 1,5-2 hour. Zhong Wujigong is the library form that is also essential for the bachelor studies and a great help in most of the fasttracks. 
  • Zhong wujigong life practices are part of all the retreats in Chinese medicine and taijiquan. Here you can receive personalized corrections by touch and sharing experiences for in depth training.
  • All videos will eventually become reviewable on fb group and patreon. 
  • Extra: free access to weekly class: GMT+1 friday 20.30-21.30 Open Wudang practice mixed learning class



About Rene Goris' Daoland

Daoland Healthcare 

Come building a more efficient and healthy lifestyle with us, support growth of harmonious communities

The Daoland project started as my research project into East Asian medicine systems, then it became a critique on modern healthcare. I came to see the prospect of being human in a way more creative sense than is politically or scientifically allowed. The core of being human is not in what is measurable, but in how things are experienced. Your experiencing is the most important instrument of measure. For this you use your senses and your mind, your intuition and planmaking functions. That makes you the expert on you. All you need is to finetune your tools, and integrate them better, and then to game your life.

So, on the foundations of this Chinese Wudang Daoist Xuanwu health theory I set out to develop a combined self-help & healthcare system, where therapeutics are a support for what you do with yourself, and how you make you being the best you can be in relationship to what your life or profession needs, not marketed heroics. Just becoming natural and claim your birthright, and live a long and prosperous life. For daoism living is both a science and art. Our exchanges make this channel, so you participate in its development, either by supporting it financial or by also learning skills and improve our shared agenda with that. 

At the moment Patreon daoland provides different levels of achievement for self development and career to you between self development, to continuous learning and contribution. Our content revoles around perspectives on Wudang daoist culture, martial arts, neidan-alchemy and medicine. When you go through the tiers you will see how much is offered, and what as part of our science and art I invite you to become part in and use it to realize your own agenda. 
At our highest levels, the program functions as a Bachelor Master program in Daoist medicine and Taiji gongfu teaching, but also can help you develop as a daoist ritualist or generate generally better understanding of daoism and even Confucianism and Buddhism in their interdependent relationships. That is for those who who wish to partner with me in building a true alternative to industrialized healthcare. A humane system. 

What I aim  for with Daoland Healthcare os that we join hands and set you up  with your own program for self development, health, and/or building your own community with your daoland skills to make yourself servicable to your fellow beings. 
In the learning program we use modern online tools, like zoom, whatsap, fb, weixin etc, apps. But we also do retreats for skill development. You too can invite Daoland in your community. The program exists to help you grow, develop and master yourself in a natural, organic way, which is artistic, scientific and organic, not always linear.  We are all equally valuable in this project.  Your effort and development builds-out its altruistic root ideas.

Daoland is not intended to change ypur ideas or ideals, but to help transform your ideas towards more depth and praticality. Your input also changes our community. Daoland is holistic, organic. This means that learning happens at your own likings, speed and level. The learning program is organic, holistic and systematic at the same time, following the daoist pinciples of Wuwei (voided action) and Hundun (patterned chaos).  This is different from military schools that dictate the learning order in a linear fashion.  The militairy school is more easy, but you cannot gain independence. That is why the organic learning is implemented. It is you that has to grow, after all, so you have to make things your own to actually grow. Personal development isn't an exact science, but an artfull science. For Daoland health is the main red thread in what we do. Personal development and health are inseperable. 
Every culture has ideas about disease, some also have ideas about health. Chinese literate and spiritual culture provides a clear idea of health through its classics, and its always evolving practices.  It shifts understanding between medicine, healing, & art. This channel reflects that idea through a realism and reality that I called Daoland. So sign up today  and make everyone better with it. 

Where to start?
Be clear about what you want. If you are not sure, just start by watching video's untill you have a plan. Even though we ask patrons to support the productions of the video's we make them also most often free for all audiences, together we offer this service. So even if not supporting, like us, and join us also at our Youtube channel. But when You wish to work on yourself: sign up for the open online classes, try out some on our free weekly facebook streaming service if you like. You want a career but quick self support, enter the Healthbuilder instructor skills, massage, rejuvenation methods. You are willing to cultivate more, then join the BA for two years for general practice, it includes the Healthbuilder program, and the weekly classes. Or go further through the Master program. Get your best. So sign up today. 

Our ideal is like this: More members make it possible to lower our support fees, because Daoland is not for profit, but for ideals related to health, individuals and communities.
To help you out and find out what is interesting to you: we have 9 tiers subdivided in 3 user levels. I describe them as:

-I- Entering daoland.
When you have no experience with daoland, Chinese medicine, Gongfu, neidan, proper use of languge etc, it best you start here. Do this for a few months, try some things out, partiipate in or initiate discussions at th topics, & then upgrade to level II to et to work. These pages refer you further: 
  1. Daoland Shorts and open videos search here for topics (complete 17-1-2020) (free study) or study for search terms
  2. Daoland articles search here (under construction) (mostly free)
  3. Weekly postings (pdv's) search here for topics (under construction) Minimum $3/month)

-II- Self-cultivation
The basic function is to offer classes and activities to  get on with things. there are wekly classes with a tier for individuals, or when you share and account in a group, f.i. to support your own classes. these are at the moment $35 (ind.) & $80 (grp)/mnth
  1. Daoland wudang longform gongfu practice click here for videos (under construction) meant for kids, parents an adults, also deals with child eduction issues. 
  2. Zhong wujigong online class recordings, search here (under construction) Basic training for meditation, lingbody and yuanqi, jing, qi, shen, cosmological self placement etc. Obligatory stuff for the Bachelor students and whoever wants to join in. It also includes yijing study from sept 2020!
  3. Weekly classes Witness recordings search here (under construction) (belongs to 2)

-III- Building Daolands
At these levels you are going to hava career as therapist, instructor, teacher, author, documentary maker, researcher etc. These are certificate programs. The lower tiers are all but one available to you
  1. Xi Wangmu's link page for disciples for Daoist Ritual Meditation. Only for selected members part of my private students of daoism.
  2. Fasttrack instructor courses search here (under construction) for Wudang gongfu sports, massage, rejuvenation etc at a basic level, you participate in research in exchange for licencing
  3. Bachelor/Master studies search here (under construction) (max 15 people per group per year) for an extensive 2 year program in yangsheng/neidan, Chinese/Wudang Daoist medicine, wudang gongfu
When you enter daoland you automatically concent with our methods and policies. But to be safe you can read and sign our consent form when you join here. In some places of the world that seems relevant. 

Is this helpful to you?
if you have any questions, then send me a message, here, fb, whatsapp. As a 15th generation daoist dark warrior monk my task is to support your queste. I practice and study since I was 11 years old and am now nearing 60. All I learned is available to you. I have no secrets, even though I often wait for signs to show you something new. 

My posts are informative, and taxing at times I hear. I do not believe in simplification, nor in populism. I am maybe not the best in Wudang Gongfu or Daoist Medicine, but I am well read and use my library to support what I tell you. I do not make things up. The intend is holistic, because i firmly believe that your life experience is part of what can help you achieve excellence in what you do. 

I run a clinic from my house nowadays so that I can include my research of my kids and the application of my ideas on healthcare on them in my work. I teach there, I also teach outside, when invited I teach or lecture anwhere. I use it all for new posts. So inviting me is also sponsoring an item about your event and compensating for work not done. As a daoist I believe life is a meditation, but as a result also a job. The job is living for as long, healthy and happy as possible, and being a contribution to the world. Being able to do that means being free. 

Will you play health with us and change the world?

Rene Goris, PhD, monk, artist. Going by the daoist name 游理欧 given to him by his teacher Wudang daoist Shifu You Xuande


2018 video

25% complete
Daoland Skill participant project. 

I am looking for 50 participants of the fasttrack program. With these participants I can first of all lower the participation price from 88,- to 55,-, but we will jointly actively work on developing daoland DIY healthcenters with and for you. Reaching the goal will speed up the video production process, allow for more online classes, organize meetups etc. 
Your help in achieving these goals is invaluable!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 271 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 271 exclusive posts

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