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Smiling Ones

$2 /mo
  • Access to private patron-only community
  • Access to raw unedited notes, outlines, sketches, snippets, character outlines and deleted scenes. 
  • Photos of my personal journals, w...

No Screws Loose

$5 /mo
  • /r/DariusPilgrim flair of your choice
  • Automatically entered into the monthly raffle to win signed hand edited manuscripts, rough drafts, sketches, photo etc.
  • Raffle winner w...

Blessed by Steve

$10 /mo
  • Preview chapters of novel(s) in progress
  • First look at speculative story pieces
  • Access to patron-only stories
  • Plus all previous rewards

Eternal Affairs Agent

$20 /mo
  • Your name on the supporters section of dariuspilgrim.com
  • Access to polls on in-progress stories and novels. Vote for the projects you want to see done, and I will spend the mjority ...

Lost Cosmonaut

$50 /mo
  • Mentioned on the acknowledgement page of my next book
  • Signed copy of my next book
  • Plus all previous rewards

Met God. Glad I did.

$100 /mo
  • Become a character! Join the dariuspilgrim universe. Give me a brief description of yourself (you can lie if you want, I won't know) and I will either add you into my next novel as a minor ...

Robot Jesus!

$500 /mo
  • Oh hi there... you read down this far? I did not expect that. You must either really really really like my writing, or have an intense passion for patreon reward flavor te...