The Dark Art Society is creating a Dark Art Community

Dark Art Society Member

$1 /mo
Become an official member of the Dark Art Society with access to the Dark Art Society Cooperative (secret Facebook Group) + Your contribution will ensure that we are able to keep the Dark Art Socie...

Patron Credit

$3 /mo
Patron Credit on the Dark Art Society Podcast, including your name in the SoundCloud credits, and mention at the end of the first podcast episode occurring after you become a Dark Art Society Member

Dark Art Sponsor

$5 /mo
Pre-roll Podcast conversation with Chet Zar & Mike Correll (weekly): listen to Chet and Mike prepare to record episodes for the Dark Art Society Podcast in this private recording + Patron Credit

Dark Art Initiate

$10 /mo
Exclusive mini-podcast: "Dark Art Society Cooperative Discussion" (monthly, hosted by Chet Zar and Mike Correll) + Dark Art Sponsor 

Dark Art Representative

$50 /mo
Receive the exclusive Dark Art Society "Member" t-shirt (black, men's & women's available, t-shirt is currently being developed by our Graphic Design Artist Josh Geiser, image not available) + ...