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is creating A wide variety of videos, live streams, comics, and more!!!
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About Chris DiBuduo

My goal is to create, inform, and entertain. I love to create content whether it be through videos, writing, acting, podcasting, gaming, etc. My goal has always been if my content could positively impact one person a day, I've done my job. That has always been and always will be my goal through my work where ever it is.

Since 2007:
  • I record and create a wide variety of videos, series, and live shows on a weekly bases.
  • I created and co-write a comic book; Celestial Falcon
  • Co-founded and work on a Comic Book Media channel; Comic Frontline
  • I also in my free time do video game streams, playthroughs, and media.

My passion has always been to write and entertain.  Through my already existing work on Youtube I have been able to do that. I love what I do, and I always like to put out the best content possible within my power. With the help of Patreon I will be able to get better equipment, cover costs for videos and supplies needed, upgrade the quality of my videos, and produce more at a faster rate. 
$0 of $500 per month
At 500 I will be able to do video projects at a faster pace and be able to upgrade my equipment to be able to produce them faster as well. There will be special new series as well that I will be able to start earlier than expected.
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