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Anyone who donates any amount shall get a shout out on the episodes of the podcast.
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Do you want to choose a genre film for us to review? Quarterly we shall pick randomly one film from all those film topics given to us by qualifying donors.  We will do an episode on that film.  (The film/topic should be readily available for buy, rent, or streaming and not out of print).  (Each month you donate you will get to include another film for the pick-out-of-the-hat; example:  3 months, 3 choices, or double/triple up your choices).
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You will get a copy of Canopic Jars:  Tales of Mummies and Mummification which includes 30 short stories, including one each by co-host Kristi and co-host Philip.  Includes a Foreword by director of Nail Biter (Patrick Rae).  (You also receive rewards for $1 and $5)




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About Dark Discussions Podcast

Dark Discussions Podcast is your place for the discussion of horror film, fiction, and all that's fantastic.  We discuss intelligently about a genre that deserves intelligence.  

Our sister podcast, You Know Nothing Jon Snow:  A Game of Thrones Podcast, discusses the weekly episodes of HBO's award winning series.

We purchase, rent, attend theaters, stream, or borrow from local libraries our titles to review.  We do not torrent our films and very rarely (if ever) receive review copies.  Everything is out-of-pocket including web hosting, film viewing, and convention costs.
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Helps pay for rental, cinema fee, or purchase of films to review.  Dark Discussions Podcast is not a torrent site; we rent, buy, attend cinema showings, and in some cases library rentals of all films we review.
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