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About Akito Silver

Hi there!

My name is Akito, though some may know me by my DeviantART name Strayhowl, or my podcast name DarkGodAkito!

I've been drawing fanart of the things I love my entire life, starting with little MS Paint mouse-doodles all the way up through learning how to use a tablet and more versatile programs such a GIMP, FireAlpaca, PaintTool Sai, MangaStudio 5, and Medibang Paint Pro!

I've drawn for several fandoms over the years; including but not limited to Disney's film series: The Lion King, Atlus's game series: Persona, Nintendo's game series: Pokemon, and my newest passion: Nintendo's colourful and bright game series: Splatoon

I largely draw for fun, though as of late I find myself worrying more and more about the future. I attended college for 6 years for Psychology, and graduated in Spring of 2016 with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

Since then, I've acquired just one job; as a cashier at a fabric store working at minimum wage. It's a decent starting job, but the money's not great and the hours can be pretty rough, especially over the holiday seasons.

That's one reason I draw, though. It helps me relax and keeps my spirits up, because it's an activity that I truly love and can lose myself in for hours at a time.

Right now, I do take commissions on my deviantART page to try to make at least a little money on the side.

My current prices are:
$10 for a comic page
$8 for a character sheet
$5 for a full body pic
$3 for a custom character
$2.50 for a half-body pic
$1 for a headshot
$0.50 for a sketch

Even with my prices so low, though, I only have one or two people who commission me. I have many friends and family who tell me that I need to raise my prices, but how can I do that when I barely get work as is?

So... I figured this could be a good alternative way to allow people to support me, if they so choose.

For now, I don't know if I have much to offer, and so this will work more like a tip jar, but over time I may find things that people want to see as exclusives and will implement them as things go along. This is all still very new for me, and so if anyone has any questions or suggestions for me, that'd be really great and I'd love to hear from you! 

I think that's about it for now so... see you in the art realm! :D

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