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  • Decide the novel future
  • Get to know how the characters look in due time
  • Advanced reader - Read 1 week ahead



About DarkGodEM

Making quality novels is a pain in the ass. Making something with good quality and still entertaining is very tiring and time consuming. So, in order to keep bringing content and maintain the upload rate I need your help.

This is the current novel status:
Death Loop (Not supported through Patreon due to WSA Contracting)
Re:Born - Necro (3 adv. Chapters for weekly tier)
World-ruling Dungeon (5 adv. Chapters for weekly tier)
The Darkest Hour (On Hold)
My Dream Life is all but a Dream (HIATUS)

Join our Patreon and keep this dream alive, all while enjoying the best we have to offer.
100% complete
I'll be able to commission artists to release the official character pictures for my novels.
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