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is creating AVG horror puzzle game 恐怖解謎遊戲

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About Dark Light Studio黑光遊戲工作室

<Puzzle X Investigation X Conversation X Interaction><解謎X調查X對話X互動>


  Hello, I'm Can-Yue (C.moon), a Taiwanese.
  I set up an independent game studio—Dark Light Studio, and now I’m developing an indie game—Blue Bird Land.
  Blue Bird Land is an AVG with horror and puzzle elements. There are six endings and four levels. In each level, the form of the game is unique and different from others.
  As the captivating story unfolding, you can enjoy the creepy pictures and scary atmosphere, having fun solving the exciting and interactive puzzles. Let’s follow the alluring characters, addicted to the dangerous amusement park.


<Chapter 1: Opera House><第一章:劇院>

★Steam page:

Guideline of Blue Bird Land:
  Brought by fate, only some people can follow the blue bird, the envoy, and enter the amusement park—Blue Bird Land. Once the risk of losing your soul is accepted, Blue Bird Land will kill someone for you. Vivina, a young girl, enters Blue Bird Land with absolute determination, challenging various and weird difficulties set by demons. Can she realize her wish, leave Blue Bird Land with her soul, and embrace the new dawn?



Game Information:
Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Support Me by Becoming a Patron:
   Your continued support is needed and necessary to help perfect this production, including the content, pictures, sound effects, and so on. Moreover, you can practically participate in this game by discussing with me in Discord, voting with other patrons, and giving me your feedback after trying out the demo!
  Furthermore, you can get the newest information, lovely little comics and art, and other special bonuses. I’ll also share my thoughts and stories with you! Let’s make this interesting game together!
  The game developer needs some more food to keep going. Meow~ (=´ω`=)

迷之音:(地方的宅貓咪(=´ω`=) 需要買罐罐繼續做遊戲)

<Staff of Blue Bird Land><遊園員工們>

   Since I’m a solo game developer, my plan is flexible, which means numerous possibilities and potential. I might try many kinds of games in the future! To maintain the quality of the production, I’ll regularly update the information every 15 days (on every 15th and 30th). I’ll try my best to be a reliable developer and make my every patron content.
   Chances are there will be many challenges and difficulties. Please bear with me and trust me. We’ll conquer them all and become stronger together! ヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ

未來肯定會有業務不成熟、製作遭遇困難挫折的時候,還請多多包涵,希望我們一同修正、一同成長。ヾ(*´∀ ˋ*)ノ

<Menu & Endings><主畫面選單與結局>

Game screenshots螢幕截圖
Chapter 1: "Opera House"  第一章:劇院 

<1-1 Illusion><幻象>

<1-2 Banquet of Poker><樸克牌盛宴>

<1-3-1 Magic Show: The Hat-Ticke><魔術秀:帽子戲法>

<1-3-2 Magic Show: Body Split><魔術秀:人體切割>

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$11.96 of $500 per month
"When I reach $500 per month, I’ll launch a special event ."
當每個月達到 500鎂,我就會準備個特別活動~
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