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Due to severe ongoing mental health issues I am currently out of a job and am entirely relying on donations, my wife's income and our combined savings to survive. My personal and financial situations have improved of late, and while I can't exactly say that life has returned to what it was before the depression and my motivation is still AWOL, compared to where I was just a year or two ago is like night and day. I no longer need to rely on donations to survive, but am still of course grateful to all those who choose to support me. If you like the work I do for the 3D Vision community, please consider becoming a patron and supporting me.

Please keep in mind that while I am very active in the community and my name appears on the blog quite a lot, I am not the only person in the community doing fixes, but this page is purely to donate to me. I suggest you take a close look at the games you have enjoyed in 3D and who was to thank for them before you decide to pledge to me personally.

I personally have developed new techniques and tools that have enabled us to fix games using Unity 4 & 5 and CryEngine 3, as well as a bunch of custom engines used by Witcher 3, Far Cry 4, Miasmata, Mad Max and even Euro Truck Simulator 2. I have personally contributed well over 10,000 lines of code to 3DMigoto to make many DirectX 11 games possible to fix, and to add numerous features to open up brand new possibilities - and some of these features are now even being used by modders outside our community as well. I am the inventor of the auto 3D crosshair / HUD / mouse cursor used in the fixes for Miasmata, Dreamfall Chapters, The Witness, Montague's Mount, Stranded Deep, The Long Dark, Far Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid V, and many more.

I would hope anyone at this page already knows the blog where we release fixes:

I also have a list of games I have personally fixed on my website:

Since a lot of the work I do is behind the scenes to enable others to fix games I've decided to go for the monthly pledge option instead of the pay per game fixed option  (and besides which, I think it's too ambiguous as to what would count for that - do I count minor 3DMigoto releases or refixing a game after a major engine update?).

If you only want to do a one-off donation instead of a monthly pledge, you can use my paypal instead.
$38.47 - reached! per month
I can't fix a game without owning the game first, and this will help cover the costs of buying new games. It will also mean I am more willing to buy a game in order to help out other shaderhackers - either to help them fix the game, or to try to make it work with 3DMigoto so they can even start on it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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