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About Twinge

Greetings! I’m Twinge, and I’ve been streaming for over 5 years. Your support allows me to keep creating content - any amount is appreciated.
I’m going to be streaming an extra day every week for the next several months, and if we maintain the $275 milestone goal I’ll make the new schedule permanent!

In addition to keeping the stream running, there are tangible benefits to supporting me:

$2 / month – Receive a newsletter every few months where you can vote on upcoming game selection and content. Patrons will also be acknowledged during stream breaks and at the end of Youtube series (if they want to be) and you'll also get a VIP badge in chat.

$5 / month – Get a custom greeting from Twingebot that'll display in stream chat when you first speak each day.

$15 / month – Add something to Twingebot each month - this can be a standard bot command or a context-sensitive response. (Twingebot can respond to normal things people say in conversation.)

$25 / month – Pick a custom sound effect that either plays when you enter the stream or when triggered by a bot command. You can also choose a poem or very short story for me to read on stream each month.

$35 / month – Choose a specific game for me to play on stream each month OR a Youtube project to work on (such as FTL Tips & Tricks or Undertale Reactions). I need to have access to the game, and I'll play it for a minimum of 2 hours.

$50 / month – Such a bestowal deserves grandeur: You get a custom Discord title + color, and your name will be shiny on stream and Youtube.

Patreon accepts Paypal and you can cancel at any time. Thanks for your support!

$251.34 of $400 per month
I'll work on edited Youtube content of our playthroughs reliably every month, instead of only when I find the time.  Next up: Undertale Secrets & Testing Playthroughs.
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