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About David Flor


My name is David Flor (@BrainClouds on Twitter) and I've been a software engineer/architect and game designer for as long as I can remember (going on 30+ years, if you must know). In the past I was primarily a video game designer, tinkering with any number of video game engines until something stuck, and eventually it did: I was the Lead Developer of "The Opera", a "total conversion" for Half-Life that was released in 2001 and reportedly downloaded a quarter of a million times before fading into obscurity (and it would have done better if it weren't for this other lesser known competing "total conversion" called CounterStrike... Maybe you've heard of it...).

Anyway, in the last several years - since the release of D&D 4th Edition - I have been developing content for roleplaying games, now primarily for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, under my own company Darklight Interactive.

I've published well over a dozen products in that time, including the 2013 ENnie-nominated adventure A Night in Seyvoth Manor. And I've had at least four successful RPG Kickstarters.

So What's the Objective?

Ever since the 13th Age engine was released, I have been working on a project tentatively called Atomic Age. It's a post-apocalyptic treatment of the Archmage Engine, originally intended to be somewhat like Gamma World (which I really enjoy, but I was threatened with legal action when I created content for it, so that's a hard no there) but over time it became something different. A considerable amount of the product already exists for 13th Age.

The release of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition has changed the landscape somewhat, so recently I looked back on the Archmage Engine and how I would use it for AA. There are some things I absolutely love about it (backgrounds, icons, class design, etc.), but there are some things I don't that 5E has, in my opinion, done better. And there are some things I'd rather do different from either of them, picking things here and there from other systems.

So, rather than try and railroad Atomic Age into an existing system - and, as such, accepting both good and bad from that system - I have decided to create my own system. Needless to say this is likely to be a daunting task, and it's not something I can probably do alone.

This Patreon is meant to support that endeavor, as well as provide a means by which I can communicate with people out there and fine tune the system I'm envisioning, or at least plan to envision.

All in all, I want to keep doing what I do for the benefit of the masses. I'm hoping some of you out there will help me do that.

BONUS: Just for signing up, the first post gives you my latest adventure, Witness Protection, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Thank you for all your support!
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If we somehow reach this goal, the products I release will be significantly better because it's likely I'll be able to afford some actual professional editing. This will also make it much easier for me to dedicate a little more time to publishing since I won't be panicking to make ends meet. This will seriously improve the quality of everything and reduce the dependency on Kickstarter for the larger products.
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