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Wassup, you stopped by! 🙌🏽
I’m Daron Lameek, aka Daron Super, I’m a singer/musician from NYC who’s finally starting to sort of figure it out 😂.

This page is for those who would like to help me further my career, who would like to see better music videos, more and exclusive collabs, see cool merchandise and most of all hear NEW music! Everything I’m doing goes nowhere without your help, YOU might be the person that tips the scale for me! I’d like to view this as a VIRTUAL TIP BUCKET, a way to say “hey keep going, here’s some support”...

Some people are unable to come to shows or live too far, and still want to help me in some way...this would be one of the BEST WAYS to help me! You never know I could maybe create a TOUR and come to your city because of you becoming a patron! I appreciate everyone who came to this page even if your unable to become a patron! Let’s take this to the MOON!!!
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Thank you, you’re helping reach my goals! I appreciate your contribution to my career!!

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Thank you, you’re helping reach my goals!

You guys will be the first to get personal invites, merch will be available to you first (for purchase), and music available to you first (I'll send you EVERY LINK), when it’s released. I’ll send it to you, text or email. Whichever you prefer! 

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