is creating Video games, Game mods, Sometimes Art and Sound effects
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About Darsycho

Howdy howdy folks! I be Mr. Jack and I'm a vidya game maker and modder (mostly doom) who made stuff such as Mayhem Mansion and Project Uber, and I have a lot more planned in the future. Aside from that, I've also done animations, some sprite work here and there, though I'm not the best at it, and many sound effects.

Being a game maker and making all sorts of stuff for all the happy people to enjoy has been something I've wanted to be pretty much my entire life, so the fact I have reached that point makes me one happy Jackie, and hoping I can continue doing so!

Anyhow, this Patreon is basically a tip jar of sorts, so if you'd like to support me, that'd be cool and helps me out! If not, that's cool too. Alternatively, you can support me with a donation via itch.io.

That being said, I do not have any plans on putting anything I make behind a paywall. Back around 2009 or so, when I started making games and releasing them under an old alias, I would mention how my games would always be free, and I prefer to stick by that.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

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With this much, I shall buy Earth and turn it into the glorious planet of Jackassia! Filled with thunderstorms that rain down pie and borgers, and everyone gets to ride to work with their very own rocket propelled recliner.
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