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About Darth Biomech

Leaving The Cradle is my passion project. It began long-long time ago in the distant and ancient 2006 as a mod, but since then it morphed and changed into what it is now.

It is a sci-fi webcomic about humans and aliens and their interaction and musings on human nature. I guess you can call it a space opera, but I tend to follow realistic expectations and physics, to an extent, so there will be no usual tropes associated with the genre. Sorry, no blue-skinned space babes, I'm afraid.

You can read it here:

Down the road - like, way down there - I might start one or two side projects, I already have a couple of ideas. But for the time being, Leaving the Cradle receives my undivided attention.
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At this point the comic will start adding significant amount of money to my earnings, so I will be able to afford spending more time on it on par with freelance.
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