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You get a shoutout at the beginning & ending of every vid i make, there i will showcase the awesome patrons i have.
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You get the previous reward plus the ability to (once per month) determine future playthroughs. I will provide a list of the games i own and you get to influence which one i will play next.

The games will be chosen by majority rule through a poll accessible only to the qualifying patrons.
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You get the previous rewards but in addition (once per month) you can demand i play a game in a certain fashion, be it an rpg or gameplay ruleset.

As long as the suggestion is not game breaking i will take up the challenge.




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Hello prospective Patrons, 

My aim is to fully dedicate myself to making playthroughs with old-school hardcore rulesets, specifically Ironman/Roguelike runs with heavy emphasis on roleplaying.

Why i'm asking for you hard earned money? Although i love gaming and have created content since 2011, lately my financial situation has taken a turn for the worse and i need your help to expand the channel.

As you can see most of my goals are related to devoting more time to gaming, procure a higher variety of games or increase the visual quality of the videos. Any contribution is appreciated as it will greatly enhance the content of the channel.

To show my appreciation you get a return on your investment in the form of: (I) direct rewards for each pledge, (II) indirect benefits as the quality/quantity of the content i produce increases.

I sincerely thank you for becoming my patron and hopefully i can continue giving you entertainment for many years to come.
$0 of $450 per month
Full time gamer

This is more or less the amount of money i would spend monthly if i lived on my own (rent + food + internet + utilities).

If we ever reach this goal i will effectively become your employee and will get disentangled from any other activities that prevent me from devoting a full workday shift (7 hours per day - 7 days a week - 49 hours per week in total) to making videos for you.

All the money recieved before we reach this goal will be spent on DLC's, Expansion Packs & Games for the channel.

All monthly surplus after we reach this goal will be used to gradually replace my aging recording equipment among other hardware and software assets.
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