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About Dave Bailey

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page. Thanks for taking the time to visit me. Feel free to browse around and leave a comment if there is anything I can do to help you. 

My name is Dave by the way. I teach English as a Second Language by day, and at night I write Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction stories (mostly for my students, but anyone can read them). 

Most of my students are from Bazil so I do translate much of the content into Portuguese (which you can you to learn the Portuguese language if you don't yet speak it as well). 

You can see most of my stories and English lessons at DaveBailey.me as well as on my Amazon author page as well.  

Rise is my first book in the Edge of the Universe series. You can read it free as well. 

My goal is to help one billion people learn English while I'm alive. If you like what you see and can chip in a buck or two to help us continue creating great content, my students and I will be eternally grateful.

We also have extra bonuses for those who help out with more. But no pressure. Feel free to take a look around and enjoy the stories and English lessons while you are here. 

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