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About Dave Holmes

I am Dave Holmes, a musician and producer from the UK and I'm involved in a variety of musical styles. Specialising in Brazilian music, I perform live authentic sounding Bossa Nova classics on guitar, with vocals in Portuguese and English. I also bring other contemporary covers and original songs into the mix (with album in production!).

In the 90s I studied Popular Music and Sound Recording in Chichester, England, followed by Foundation and Advanced Audio Engineering studies at the legendary Alchemea College in London -  a 24/7 recording studio training facility which was attended by some of the industry's best producers, engineers and artists over the years.  

On New Year's Eve 1998 I moved to Portugal for two years, where I worked with electronic dance music, as a sound engineer and producer in a band. I became great friends with some of Portugal's best electronic music DJs and producers and it was there I first learnt to speak Portuguese. Since 2001 I have also traveled 11 times to Brazil (up to 2 months at a time), absorbing the culture and Portuguese language and I am now heavily influenced by Brazilian sounds.

My next album, in production, will be released with a live show in Brazil and I am working with a Brazilian artist to create an 'arts experience' for the release.

I've been working on the tracks for a very long time, I have a few albums worth of material in my archives, but only now do I have the right circumstances and team to finish this body of work in a professional way.

As a Patron, you will be kept up to date with the recordings via a Soundcloud link, to hear the tracks as each one is finished and a free album emailed or sent to you after it is all done, with behind the scenes videos and photos available as the project unfolds. You will also receive updates on my performances in UK or elsewhere.

Brazilian Demos

In 2014 I recorded two 18 track Bossa Nova albums entitled 'Born To Bossa'. These gained radio play on specialist Brazilian Music shows in the UK, and also in Holland, where I performed tracks from the latest album live in Holland, on the Brazilian Blend show (ORTS FM Radio). I also performed live on an FM radio station in Peru, via an online connection.

I was interviewed, and my albums critically reviewed on online music sites in Japan, Jamaica, and the USA, and I have toured Europe with shows in UK, Holland, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. Also performing in Brazil in 2017, at Andrea's Album launch and I toured and performed Bossa Nova and Brazilian MPB with her around the world, between 2016 to 2019. 

Electronic Music
I am involved in Electronic Music, under the pseudonym 'Damon Breakz'. I initiated, direct and produce on the multinational Cosmic Core net label. We've released five electronic albums since 2012, in varying genres, alongside a powerhouse of producers from across the world including Tom Cosm from New Zealand (see Cosmic-Core.com).

Soul Tonic Ltd
I am owner & Director of Soul Tonic Ltd, a UK company dedicated to enriching lives through Arts, Culture and Entertainment. My company releases original music and manages artists. I also organise professional Samba percussion shows for another client, a percussion band leader, here in the UK.

I release my own music on my label and it's available on all digital platforms via my online distributor and I plan to make professionally produced physical media to distribute my label's releases in small batches to independent record stores around the world. 

My albums are recorded at, and with help from, studios in UK, Portugal, Brazil, France and Belgium.

1996 - MIDI programming on Simple Mind's 'War Baby' single, released on EMI Crysalis (on the Johnson Somerset remix)

2005 - (recording as 'Fruitional'), Album: Homegrown

2014 - Born To Bossa (Covers/Demo)
2014 - Born To Bossa II (Covers/Demo)

2017 - (with Andrea Amorim) Album: Futuro Embrulhado pra Presente (Track 3 'Faded dreams'; Composition, arrangement, Vocals)
2017 & 2018 - (with Andrea Amorim) Album: A Magia de Natal - for Christmas Festivals in Garanhuns, Pernambuco, Brazil (Composition - various).

Releases as 'Damon Breakz' for the Cosmic Core project 2012 to present:
Cosmic Core Volume I - Voyage To The Starz (+ album direction)
Drum & Bass From The Core - Weapon Of Bass Technology (+ album direction)
Cosmic Core Volume II - Them (+ album direction)
Trance From The Core - (album direction only)
Cosmic Core Volume III - (album direction only)

My 'Born To Bossa' Demo albums are not for sale, but are available at my shows and free to download or stream online here:  Born to Bossa

For more info and my social media links visit: www.SoulTonic.org
(Direct link to my profile on my Soul Tonic site: Dave Holmes )

Find out even more at www.DaveHolmesMusic.com - My old site with some great historical gig info ! =)

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile and anything you can do to support me is greatly appreciated! (via this site you can chose any amount to help me on a monthly card payment, starting from $1).

Big thanks to those who have already supported me and I hope you enjoy the music,

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