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WOW! Seriously! Giving any $$ towards what I am doing here is beyond awesome. Thank you and welcome to the Dave's Quest party that keep the lights on.
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Again...WOW! Seriously?! Okay...at this level you get entered into the list to be interviewed for the weekly Dave's Escort Quest Patreon Videos (which are released on Youtube a month later) and my continued appreciation
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...are you drunk?!

I mean...are you okay?!

Here! I will send you a new t-shirt every month. I'll pay for the shipping




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Hi I'm Dave and welcome to Dave's Quest.

If you have found this then you have seen my Twitch stream or Youtube channel then you already have done enough in supporting what I am doing. Hanging out on Twitch or watching one of my videos is beyond awesome and I thank you.

If you do want to support me EVEN MORE by donating here then you are an amazing person and hopefully I can prove to you that your $$ means something to the quest. All money will be going into the quest (gear, production equipment, coffee that I wont spill on the ground, equipment to clean coffee stains, towels to cover up coffee stains, things to use for misdirection so no one notices the coffee stains, new Dave's Quest Art)

Thanks again Dave's Quest and welcome to the party!
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Weekly Patreon Videos begin! 

They will be exclusive twitch/youtube follower interviews (people like you!)
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