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About David Auchampach

Vizzed.com is a Community for Gamers that I've been working on for 10+ years.  Working on the site is something I do full time and previously the ad revenue covered both my employment and the site expenses and server fees, however, the ad revenue has taken some drops over the past few years (traffic drops, ad blocks, mobile devices, etc) so I'm no longer able to invest 40-60 hours into the site a week like I love doing.

Vizzed offers something for every gamer which include:
-Forum loaded with features with a very welcoming community
-Retro Game Room where you can play 40,000+ classics online
-Video Game Room lets you obtain or submit info for games of all eras
-Video Game Music Room where you can listen to 100,000+ songs
-Video Game Character database with information and screenshots
-Netplay Lobby allows you to play 1000s of classics online with others
-Price Guide that lets you organize and tally up your game collection
-Marketplace where you can buy and sell digital games using our currency

Be sure to read the goals and rewards for additional reasons to help out!
$12.37 of $1,800 per month
Full Time!
This would be enough to allow me to go back to working on the site full time again.
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