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About David J Bradley

Hi, I'm David J Bradley: Asexual and Frankenstein Enthusiast, and I make videos on my channel To Be Confirmed Productions (I know, not a great name for SEO, but I'm stuck with it now). My main stuff is generally video essayish type things. Like this video about Asexuality

There's also some off the cuff film reviews. Some of these things I make might even be good. I like talking about movies, and I only sort of know what I'm doing. I would like to get better at doing this, and you can help me!... if you like...

I currently edit everything on a laptop using an outdated version of videopad. My initial goal here would be to some day afford a PC for editing, one that won't crash every time I even try to open Davinci Resolve.

It would also be super cool to do more research for videos. Add a little more essay to my video essays, you know? Like, back up my opinions with facts and stuff. I should do that, but books and many online journals are expensive, and with backing behind me, I could definitely afford these things more easily.

So yeah, thanks for being cool and checking my nonsense out.
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At this point there's the beginnings of a budget for like props, and research material, which is neat.
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