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First and foremost I am trying to build a community of people interested in similar topics. I want to share what I do, enter conversations and learn new things. So let's do together!

As a patron in general you get access to the discord server where I keep you updated on things more frequently.

I started to keep a current list of the Top 10 contributors on my Patreon page and other places. Every patron - former or active can be on that list.

Thank you!

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Dave's Gang

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If you want to give a little bit more I want to thank you with the very first asset I made.
The DK Tool asset was meant as an ongoing library of functionality that you can activate from one node in your Houdini project.

The gang has an additional discord channel to hang around.

  • DK Tool HDA
  • additional discord channel
+ all previous rewards

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Dave's Dev Team

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Creating educational content is fun but I am a developer at heart.
I enjoy creating solutions to problems. Be it a new node for Houdini, a skill for Alexa, a python script to automate something or C++ for Unreal.
But I have limited time so I need you to direct the focus of further developement.

I do monthly polls on this tier to decide what has priority. In addition you get access to the technical elements of this. Houdini digital assets, code snippets and more.

  • Weigh in on Developement Direction
  • Access to HDA and snippets during Developement
  • additional discord channel
+ all previous rewards

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About David Kahl VFX

My name is David Kahl and I am a Software Developer, Nerd and VFX Artist based in Germany.

After being bored with my occupation as a Developer and Consultant I started to digg into the world of CG in my free time. After some fooling around in various software packages I stumbled over Houdini and fell in love with it.

It's build-in programming language helped me to quickstart my learning journey. But since programming is not a typical skill to have I noticed that there is demand for content that helps to ease into coding and help people to find an smooth way into it.

As a first step I created the pluralsight course VEX Fundamentals. It allows people without a programmer background to find their way into its mechanics.
Over time I developed different interests and build up experience in various aspects of the CG spectrum. From Houdini, Python automation, Alexa skills to Unreal Engine.

I want to create the best possible content to help people learn about these topics and be able to follow along interesting projects.

All patrons are invited to join the Discord channel - open for conversations over what excites us. In addition to that - each tier has its own channel. My patreon's tiers add up and that counts for Discord as well.
Higher tiers are invited to participate in channels of previous tiers since you are basically a part of them.

I have a passion for Learning, Creating and Sharing. Patreon is another way to help me do that. It is a brilliant platform to create a community around what I do, start conversations and having a way to return something for the support.


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Because after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, you want to send one hundred juvenile delinquents to re-populate the planet.
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