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About David Finkle

Mr. Fitz is humor therapy for teachers, students, parents ,and anyone who cares about teaching and learning. It keeps teachers going, speaks out against the absurdity of the education reform movement, and examines the weird ups and downs of the teaching life. Mr. Fitz is in ONE newspaper (the DeLand Beacon in DeLand, Florida). This newspaper pays me just $25 a month, which comes to about $1.66 per strip, depending on the month. Out of that whopping paycheck each month, I buy copies of my cartoon frames, pencils, erasers, cartooning pens, my website hosting, and other supplies to keep the strip up and running. I also end up using what little is left over to buy things for my classroom. Drawing a comic strip even three times a week is significant second job. I love creating it, but additional support would really help me buy my supplies and actually feel like I'm maybe getting some support back for the support I give teachers. You can view the comics at www.mrfitz.com!
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I will create a Mr. Fitz special Sunday Strip in full color!
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