David Finkle is creating Comic Strips

$1 /mo
Your name will be listed as a supporter on the Mr. Fitz website (if you so desire!), and you will get exclusive access to the Mr. Fitz sketchbook: Each week you'll see new character designs, comics...

$5 /mo
You'll still have your name on the website, and exclusive access to the Mr. Fitz sketchbook, but you'll also get a Mr. Fitz postcard with an original drawing on it of the character of your choice!

$10 /mo
You'll get your name on the site, the sketchbook, the postcard, and a cameo in the strip as a background character!

$20 /mo
All of the above rewards, plus a signed, full color copy of the strip of your choice!

$50 /mo
All of the above, but instead of a signed copy, you can get an original Mr. Fitz comic strip of your choice,, ready for framing (depending on availability).