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[Thank you everyone for your support these past couple of years. I will no longer be sending out batches or updates here on this page. I am refocusing my efforts to create a consolidated website for my art, the Creepy Pokemon content, and my future store. Please find updates and future updates on my social media:

Thank you so much and all the best, you're all amazing people. Catch you soon for the next update :D ]


I'm David Szilagyi, the creator of the viral fanart project known as Creepy Pokemon. I was a AAA concept artist and illustrator for the video game industry, and I put that career path down in favor of a greater dream: creating surreal nightmare fuel, and crafting worlds and stories based around them.

I was raised on Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, Beksinski, H.R. Giger, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, H.P. Lovecraft, Guillermo Del Toro, Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dead Space, F.E.A.R., Slender, Silent Hill, Akira, The Guyver, among many other wonderful classics. I love the worlds and lore that these experiences provide me, and I'm here to give that experience back to the world, one horrific image at a time.

All Patrons receive 2-3 high resolution illustrations per batch of content I make. These images will include:
- At least one Creepy Pokemon (some batches may all be Pokemon) 
- Pokenomicon (Patreon-Exclusive nightmare journal scrawlings of the Creepy Pokemon world)
- Nightmare fuel fanart of other video games and franchises
- Concept art redesigns
- Personal horror pieces, a la Beksinski and H.R. Giger
- Landscapes
- Pinups

Each batch will include PC and Mobile backgrounds designed from these pieces!.

$5 Patrons get access to files and Photoshop brushes, for those who want to learn more about my style and how I produce my images!

$10 Patrons get access to video content that I make. This will include anything from time lapse videos, HD step by step tutorials, drawing in real time and discussing a topic, me acting like Bob Ross and painting Happy Little Nightmares, etc. The style and subject matter of content will depend on inspiration and work load on my end, and you will know the subject matter before the batch is released.

-$1 Reward Tier Batches include images and backgrounds.
-$5 Reward Tier Batches include images, backgrounds, Photoshop brushes, and files.
-$10 Reward Tier Batches include images, backgrounds, brushes, files, and video content.


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Charmander Tier
per Batch
Thank you for your patronage!

Your upcoming Batch includes:
- 2-3 Finished Illustrations (At least one of which being a Creepy Pokemon)
Charmeleon Tier
per Batch
Thank you for your patronage!

Your upcoming Batch includes:
- 2-3 Finished Illustrations
- Photoshop Brushes I use for Creepy Pokemon and Illustration Industry Work
- Photoshop Files (Useful for art students and freelancers to learn from and break down my work processes!)
Charizard Tier : AKA The Prophets of Kanto
per Batch
Thank you for your patronage!

Your upcoming Batch includes:
- 2-3 Finished Illustrations
- Photoshop Brushes
- Photoshop Files
- Video Content (See summary for details)
$43 of $100 per Batch
Goal Fanart: Nightmare Fuel Duskull!

When we reach $100 per week for donations, we'll be producing Duskull in the nightmare fuel horror style! High res images, photoshop files, and other download links will be on social media and Gumroad. Pitch in a dollar and we all win with more awesome art!
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