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-I'll doodle a character for you (digital). This can be OCs, canon, anything!
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About Dawnfire

Hi! I'm Kate, and you probably know me as Dawnfire. I've recently finished college and post-bacc, and now I'm making a living off of my artwork!

Supporting me means you really, really like my art and want to see it on my pages! For $2 and above, you can join my Patreon Discord, where I post art updates and WIPs. It will also give you priority for commissions, because I open slots specifically for my patrons.
If you choose a support tier $5-$25, you are eligible for doodle requests!

regarding doodle rewards: if you'd like a doodle, please consider sticking to one tier until you get a reward before swapping: hopping $5-$2-$2-$10-$2 etc. will not stack into a doodle reward.

About doodles:For my tiers that offer doodles as rewards, some specifics:
-I will post each month for my $5s and above asking for your doodle requests for the month. Requests must be posted on Patreon under the relevant doodle post.
-doodles must be requested in the month in which they are due. They do not stack into larger pieces if you forget to request it.
-doodles consist of rough lineart, and no more than a handful of colors.
-I may or may not post doodles on my social media, but you are always free to share once it is complete!

My Twitter (I am most active & chattery here)
My Art Instagram
My DeviantArt
My Tumblr
My Facebook page
"Naughty Marefriend" blog (inactive)

October 25, 2015: To those who rushed to support me following this family emergency and during these hard times, and I am forever grateful. Thank you <3

100% complete
This would cover my student loans in a month. I could focus more on making art for myself and all my fans! Rather than taking as many commissions.
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