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About Day-late Dollar

Day-Late Dollar creates animated short films and series. Independent, audience-driven and active. You keep these characters alive with your support.
Future plans include extending the world of Camp Clickbait and making short documentary films. If anyone gaf.

About the show:

 Anyone under 40 lives and breathes by their online lives. The internet is this century’s greatest invention, and could all be taken away in a flash. That’s what happens to a four-millennial doc crew when they are stranded in the middle-a-nowhere-Nebraska, while filming the state’s cutest miniature horse - Her name is Petunia, she is amazing.
The team, lead by assertive Molly, influencer Autumn, and interns Jay and Ozzy, quickly learn to trust their host, the farmboy Jonah. Who's uncle has left him a responsibility of jumbo proportions: Take the entire internet, archived safely in a literal box, and transport it to the Eastern Atlantic Hub. Seacaucus, Jersey. Google says it’ll take 20 hours.

But not 20 hours in the new America. Our great nation, without its luxuries, gets real weird, real fast. Through their journey, they discover how technology has changed human culture irrevocably. Soulcycle clans hunt in cycling packs. Influencers pioneer out west, where they hear there’s still the internet. And the team will have to learn to survive in the wilderness, something new to city kids.
But they adapt, using flashbacks to the people they were before the collapse. They’ll have to think quickly and stay smart, if they want to save petabytes of knowledge, billions of lives, and just maybe, their jobs too.

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