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About DeadManAnimations

This is the Patreon for everything regarding DeadManAnimations as a creative outlet; Music, Animations, Educational Media, Horror, and so much more. By supporting this Patreon you are making everything at DeadManAnimation possible, as the economic burdens of capitalism make the production process slower and less effective. As an explicitly communist propagandist, DeadManAnimations WILL NOT be limiting access to ANY available content based on "Tiers" but will instead make use of different levels of pay as a basis for contextual reference (names in bumpers, feature commercials, etc.). DeadManAnimations follows a revolutionary media tradition and, thus, is ONLY interested in promoting revolutionary action and politics. By supporting DeadManAnimations, you are financially supporting media and politics that are Anti-Imperialist, Anti-Colonialist, Anti-Capitalist, and Anti-White (Supremacy). 

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