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Me and my brother live alone, my mom was assaulted in public transport, she was stabbed on her back and thrown around, and god helped her survive, she was left bleeding badly, the doctors say if she was stabbed a little farther down she would have bleed out and probably died, but the thing is, my mom doesn't for her medical bills (since she's not from our country so she doesn't have any insurance) and my dad is out of the country for about 5 years fr some job issues and he can't send us money, this is the only way we can get some money and be able to help her, and I would also like some money since my brother, which has autism, needs to go to therapy which cost $5 and we don't have enough for that, and a birthday present for him since its coming up in 2 weeks, if your kind enough to send some sort of money, I would really appreciate it. I would send a picture of us but I don't have a phone and I have a small Mac book that I got 2 years ago. have a nice day or night wherever you are! and ill try to do my best to send you one of my many memes in exchange




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Hello, I'am a 13 year old boy that currently live in Quito, Ecuador! Me and may brothers have to live with each other since my mom is currently in the hospital
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