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Teddy Bears give you a bit of comfort from the darkness. Your contribution will make the world seem a bit less dark.

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Night Lights cut through the darkness and bring comfort with in its beam of light. Your contribution is a beacon in the darkness.

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Hall Lights illuminate the shadows and keeps those pesky monsters out of the doorways. Your contribution is a comfort from the darkness.




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About DeadOn Studios

DeadOn Studios is a design studio that takes pride in design and storytelling. Our design studio was mostly customer driven, however as of 2018 we are diving into passion projects that entertain and tell compelling stories. We are instead creating custom products in hopes to create revenue and stability all while creating online entertainment such as animated web series. We create comics, chilren's books, prints, stickers, key-chains, plushies and more. So it was just a matter of time before we found our selves here on Patreon. We are a smaller company with only two employees with ambitions to bring on a larger team. We are 100% funded by our selves and any support from patreons would be greatly appreciate and would be used to keep us operating in our web series and passion projects. As we gain more funding, we would like to jump into more cost demanding projects such as stop motion animation and finish Aden VanWick a short film we started designing and creating for many years ago. Our patreons will recieve sneak peeks into the projects we are working on. Including design concepts, pencil tests and behind the scenes treatments. We would also give our patreons special offers inside our online stores, design updates on new products and  suggestions for new products will be highly considered.
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This will assist me in growing our products and printing costs for things like our comic book releases, children book releases, and products.
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